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A wimp for all seasons

I just found out I'm not the only person who hates that Louis Armstrong song "What A Wonderful World." Now here's a greater challenge: am I the only person in creation who can't stand that awful Dan Fogelberg song "Same Old Lang Syne," the one about stalking his ex-girlfriend? And that goes double for that "Leader of the Band" song, blech. If he hadn't just recently croaked I'd never have to think about that song again, since I don't listen to AOR (MOR -- whatever) radio, but the blogiverse has become inundated with sobbing Fogelberg fans who can't believe the Great Mushtunesmith has passed into the great beyond. Yeah, yeah, cancer sucks, but as most of us are going to die of it, unless a heart attack or stroke gets us, I don't see why writing treacly songs gets someone a special send-off. That's like giving my encoffined remains a parade because my X-Files/Doctor Who slash fiction became* a surprise bestseller in the 2040s.

Okay okay. Cue hysterical male rebuttals: "It's about fathers and sons! And he wasn't stalking her, she was glad to see him!" Blah blah blah.

(*Will have become? It has occurred to me that a civilization of time travelers should have at some point devised a special verb tense just to handle time-out-of-joint scenarios, and if therefore so how would the Tardis translate that into English? Discuss. God I'm bored.)

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CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Those are my two least favorite Fogelbergers, but some of his stuff I actually liked, and I'm not averse to saying so.

As tenses go, generally one will not have needed the future perfect at any time in one's life.

I think there was one song of his I liked, but I lost touch with the one Fogelberg fan I knew, and it's not worth going through his whole oeuvre just to find out what song that was.

I just wrote this comment so I could use the word "oeuvre."

I don't know "Same Old Lang Syne" but I like "Leader of the Band".

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I thought "treacly" was a terrific word choice. "Oeuvre" is even better, but if I used it, people would point & laugh...except on a blog, of course!

"Same Old Lang Syne" brought up memories of Past Life & oldwhatsisface last time I heard it. Not hearing it again would be fine by me.

BAW [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Gah. The "Auld Lang Syne" song will forever be associated in my mind with this marathon Barbie doll soap opera thing my friend and I had set up in my room. We'd play the radio while our Barbies (who were international spies slash rock stars) survived kidnapping plots, alien abductions, ghosts, and marriages/divorces--and that particular Fogelberg song was on heavy rotation at the time.

God. Talk about a flashback I could do without...

If it's any consolation, I hate that Louis Armstrong thing too, I couldn't stand any of Fogelberg's music and I had prostate cancer surgery last May.

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