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This needs to stop

I have so far this past week seen two -- that's two -- movies where a major character stands in the middle of a road and is promptly introduced to wheeled disaster of some sort. This annoys me on several levels not related to the quality of the movies themselves (one was quite good, the other quite bad). In other words: dear filmmakers, please think of some other way of getting your characters in trouble that does not necessitate them contravening basic human nature. One tenet of which is people do not stand in the middle of the road, thereby making themselves available to be hit by the next high-speed vehicle that comes along. They just don't. Unless they are very very drunk, a state which neither movie established to a sufficient degree. Otherwise the scene is just a lazy way of setting up an action scene.

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I don't suppose one of them was that Jodie Foster vigilantessa movie...uh, The Brave One? There were so many deviations from logic in that movie that my buddy and I couldn't stop laughing...including one scene where she and a damsel she's just rescued are walking to their escape directly in the path of a dastardly villain's car. "Gee, he won't try to run them over or anything, will he, darling?" my friend asked three milliseconds before DV started gunning his engine.

No, but if that movie hadn't already been on my "avoid" list, that would have done it. (The movies were The Invisible -- which I give five "mehs" -- and a surprisingly well-made -- except for that one scene -- low-budget thriller called Stay Alive.)

The Jodie Foster movie is a must-rent. She spends the whole thing doing that fake-restraint thing she learned from Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs...you know, going all tight around the eyes and the corners of the mouth to keep your attention fixed on her. (Personally, I think I prefer open Oscar-whore Sally Field-type mugging, which is at least up-front about its intentions.)

And the dialogue is utterly hilarious.

Hm. It sounds like a must-watch-while-drunk movie. A friend just gave me all her soon-to-be-ex-husband's booze (the stuff that she doesn't drink)...

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