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Poll results reported but not questioned

There has been widespread upset concerning a recent poll taken of students concerning what they would supposedly trade their right to vote for. Insert many harrumphing protestations about our sacred duty to participate in the democracy that so many brave men and women fought to preserve, etc. What no one seems to have considered is the possibility that many of these students may simply have not taken the question all that seriously -- "Dude, what would you rather have, the right to vote or an iPod?" "The iPod, of course, man!" It's not a question that has any resonance in the real world -- no one's going to hand out valuable prizes in exchange for your right to vote -- so you can say anything you like. To those who charge the respondents with flippancy I say in return that a fundamentally unserious question doesn't necessarily deserve a serious answer.

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aelfheld [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hell, I'd contribute to the purchase of iPods or whatever if it would stop some people from voting.

El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Can just see it now...

"First time voting, son"?...."Yeah man, kinda' scary"...."No problem, young man, we have a sample ballot, posted on that wall" (pointing)...."Ballot"?, I'm not here to dance man"...."No No, not ballet, young fellow ballot, what you use to vote, a piece of paper that you mark, with the names of the people you can vote for"...."Oh wow, dude, gotcha now"...."Yes sir, right on that wall" (pointing once more)...."Ok man, what wall"?...."THAT WALL"! (pointing with arm straight, finger rigid)...."That's what I'm sayin', DUDE, what wall".

"My good young fellow, can I interest you in an iPod"?....

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

At the same age, I might've done the same thing. Not because of any coolness factor (in my group of misfits, voting WAS cool), but because in the long run, I was pretty sure the rest of the Nation didn't give a rip what I thought & 'they' would get what 'they' wanted. Doesn't seem that way to me so much nowadays, as my personal beliefs have morphed into what 'they' wanted...growing up & gaining some small understanding of the Constitution kinda does that sometimes, I suppose...

That said, an iPod sounds terribly cheap to me...so I could probably help aelfheld in the purchase of a couple!

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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