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Oh, to be in England

Kim made me cry just a little bit here (scroll down past the title and the criticism of neo-pub food to the description of Bath and the Pump Room).

One thing I have decided to re-embrace in my life is my former Anglophilia. I had somewhat soured on the place due to overexposure in the form of a (now ex-) friend who was frantically nuts about the place, so much so that I became sick of hearing about how we needed to go to England together and get husbands. (By the way, that latter madness will not be revived.) And there were other reasons... but British tv is getting better again (the actor playing the new Doctor Who is hawt, and Scottish, drool), and I'm also breaking out of the self-imposed exile from life that four years of not driving and working as an office mouse -- which I have begun to realize was not good for me -- caused. And the place isn't the blasted hive of heroin users, punks, and redundant miners it used to be back in the 80s. True, there is a lot of PC nonsense, but we have that here too -- it's the disease of the age. So anyway, I have decided to plan to go to Blighty again (Scotland and Wales included, the former because I want to go back, the latter because I never got to go there). I might also take in Ireland. I have no idea how long it will take me to scrape up the requisite funds to make the trip, but I plan to go there before I am too much older and decrepit. I don't know if and when I'll have a fundraiser, but the Paypal and Amazon accounts are always open.

Update: NOOOOOOOOOO--! England without sticky, creamy, cholesterol-laden desserts isn't England, it's -- Epcot. Wait -- they have sticky, creamy, cholesterol-laden desserts at Epcot. Don't they? (Via.)

Emergency update: oh my -- looks like I waited too long.

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Mike Dubost [TypeKey Profile Page]:

If you can time your visit so that you are in Edinburgh in mid to late August, I highly recommend the Edinburgh Festival and Festival Fringe. The festival itself runs to Shakespear and serious dramas, but the fringe has something for everyone.

About 18 years ago, I had the good luck to go on a summer session abroad program in Edinburgh, and the other students and I found some great stuff (e.g., "the world's only jazz bagpiper", the Reduced Shakespear Company, and a funny commedian). For the fesitval itself, the program inculded tickets to the Tattoo. We felt the massed pipe and drum bands almost as much as we heard them.

To this day, it remains a fond memory.

Yeah, I'm dying to go back to Edinburgh again, and Shakespeare somewhere on the island is a must -- I missed it last time around.

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