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I notice things

I never watch "Law and Order: Criminal Intent," but I'm at a friend's house and it's their tv. So. There's something wrong with Vincent D'Onofrio, isn't there? He's not right in the head?

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The_Real_JeffS [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Aside from the fact that he's an actor, you mean? Excuse me, an artist.

That seems to say it all.

It comes through the acting. It really does. Just like you can tell when a couple of actors who are on the screen together are actually fooling around in real life.

I just realized something: Vincent D'Onofrio reminds me of William Shatner. And not the Original Star Trek Shatner, but the T.J. Hooker Shatner.

He's got Bush Derangement Syndrome for sure. Google it!

But I still think he's hot. I'm weird.

Bleh. He's too teddy-bearish for me.

marc [TypeKey Profile Page]:

My reaction to V. D'O., too, for about the first dozen episodes I watched--I found his act to be offputtingly weird. Got used to him, eventually, I guess. I know crazier people.

"Not right in the head" is putting it mildly. The only episode of CI I'll watch is the one where somebody knocks D'Onofrio's teeth down his throat. Just tell me when it's going to air so I can program TiVO.

If you remember, he had the vapors for days after the 04 elections. Wouldn't "work." Fainted on the set. Just an all around drama queen.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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