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Black Tuesday

Okay. After the week I've had, I've got to get good and smashed. I'm on brandy & soda and potato chips. See you sometime after the holiday madness.

I so fucking don't want another office job.

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El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Wow, do you dip them? Kinda soggy, huh?

Happy fucking (or not) Thanksgiving...lol.

No fucking. Fucking chips is evil. Unless it's in that onion dip, which I don't have on hand right now.

Happy Turkey Weekend... (Update: correcting this is not easy, es-especially when three sheets to the wind.)

El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

lmao...but hey, if you're gonna' tie one on, make it a damn good one.

Remember, your hangover won't last...and as mentioned previously, the assholes that don't partake...that's as good as their going to feel. BORING!..:).

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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