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Random Life, and the Return of the Bleg

Well, I have established that the things that draw people to this site are my posts about my boring personal life, those dumb internet quizzes, and Ann Coulter. Does that mean I have to read her column now? Maybe I'll just look up more quizzes. Do they have one for "which disease are you?"

Well of course they do. Result:

What Disease Are You?

You Are Heart Disease!

You are one of the various varieties of Cardiovascular disease, which means you are lovable and make people laugh. You are genuinely a great person, charitable and playful. It's hard to not be your friend. But seriously, please cut down on the saturated fats, I only mention this because I'm worried about your health.
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Anyway. I think my cold is back -- the one I was getting a few days before I went up to North Carolina to get the car. I dosed myself with those zinc lozenges, despite the skepticism of some readers. I don't know if they worked or not, but it can't do any harm to take a few again.

Actually, I don't know what is wrong with me -- today I had a weird achy shoulder and neck (the left side), and weird pains in my finger joints, and was too tired to go anywhere. I think I'll just call my condition "mystic fibrosis" after something I think I read on a comment thread on Protein Wisdom. It's really putting a crimp in my life -- I need to get out there and really pound the pavement filling out applications and things (no, I still don't have a job), and I can't afford to be sick.

Speaking of no job, I am putting out a bleg. The severance pay has finally run out, and while I'm on unemployment it's barely adequate to cover rent. And though I've been keeping tabs on it the price of gas still is something of a shock -- when I quit driving it took about twenty dollars to fill the tank of a compact Toyota, and now that I'm driving a car with the same size tank (another compact Toyota), it takes almost forty dollars to completely fill it up. That's one reason I haven't gone driving all over the place since I got back -- I can't really afford the gas usage at this time. Thank God it's a stick, and we're coming into a bout of "cool" weather (overnight lows in the sixties, it will only get up to the low eighties in the daytime, and believe me that sort of weather makes Floridians break out the sweaters and complain), so I have that going for me. So, er, you know, over there on the right side of the menu...

More later. Time for tea and toast.

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Jeffro [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well, I dunno what draws other people, but I enjoy your snark. I feel bad that I cannot afford to contribute to the fund, but I've been pretty short lately (renal calculi).

Oh, and I am heart disease too. Fitting - had a heart attack several years ago.

Glad you have a car finally - I'm not a dazzling urbanite with mass transit available, so I wouldn't know how to live without some wheels.;>)

Most cities in the US are built for cars. This is just the way things are. I could "get along" without a car, but there's more to life than "getting along."

Re renal calculi: oh lord, I had one of those. It felt like someone had shoved a hot iron rod through my lower gut. And I sat in the freaking emergency room for hours howling before someone would so much as look at me, and then they didn't want to give me any painkiller because they thought I was pregnant. At the time I was able to tell them that that was quite impossible, unless they thought the Second Coming was immanent and I was involved, if you know what I mean. I'll never forget the look on the doctor's face... Shortly thereafter, I got my Demerol.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well, that makes three of us who need to cut down on saturated fat...sheesh.....

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Oh, almost forgot - I like hearing about the life you consider boring, & like Jeffro, your snark is appealing to me, too. I would love to contribute, but it's a long way to the first of November & we now have a grandbaby & her parents to help feed. Soon, though, Andrea, there should be a paycheck coming, you're at the top of my list after them.

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