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Life changes

I have an announcement...

I have decided to start drinking my coffee black.

Hey, it's a big change for me. Verdict so far: it helps to have really good coffee, as opposed to months-old pre-ground store brand.

Update: oh, and sugar -- gotta have sugar. Just two spoons per cup. I'll start cutting down on that next.

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Luther McLeod [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I drink instant at home before work... no time/too lazy to brew... with cream and sugar. At work, with fairly decent coffee... black. But two spoons of sugar.... wow.

Jeffro [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but when I do - straight black, with nothing added. Latte and fancy schmancy Starbucks stuff - not so much.

I guess it shows just how plebian I really am, but Mickey D's brews a pretty decent cup.

Well, when I say "cup," I generally mean a 10-ounce mug.

It's been a long time since I drank much coffee as a habit -- moving from the subarctic to the subtropics will tend to put you off hot beverages -- but I'd say 98% of the time I drank it black, no cream no sugar. And we're talking usually convenience-store coffee.

Once in a while I'd grab a flavored CoffeeMate thing just for a change-up, but just one of those in any decent-sized cup barely made any difference that I could taste -- probably because my taste buds had been corroded by weeks of c-store coffee with nothing added..

The subtropics put you off hot beverages? That sound you hear is the collective confusion of everyone where coffee grows.

But my question is, why? Where there is coffee there is life. Even in the sub-tropics. Surely such a change must indicate some seismic shift in philosophy or world-view? It's almost like changing ones name.

It just occurred to me that many Americans don't drink coffee because they like it -- they drink it to keep warm. That's also why American coffee tends to be so lousy in most of the country. I come from Miami so I've been spoiled -- Cuban coffee shops are on almost every street, and a lot of them are open twenty-four hours. Then I moved to Orlando, and encountered grown people who don't drink coffee. It was like moving to another planet.

Think of it -- it has to be true. In places with true coffee culture (South Florida, all the coffee-growing nations) coffee is always drunk piping hot. Iced coffee is an American phenomenon.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I once thought I'd do the same thing, Andrea...seems so many of my friends were limiting their coffee intake in some way for various reasons. Once I 'analyzed' how I drink coffee, though, I stayed with the same old plan. Two cups, maybe 3 - or a convenience-store-bought insulated mug - in the morning with plenty of sugar. In the evening I usually stick with tea with sugar, & if I have coffee later in the day it's with creamer, sugar & cinnamon. More of a 'treat' then, I guess.

And yes, black coffee for me works much better with GOOD coffee.

I just think the milk is irritating me.

It just occurred to me that many Americans don't drink coffee because they like it -- they drink it to keep warm.

I like the smell of coffee, and on a cold morning a hot cup of even mediocre coffee is like heaven. But I don't drink coffee when it's warm for the same reason I wouldn't eat a popsicle while going out to the mailbox in Fairbanks in January.

Thousands of Cuban-Americans standing outside in the hot Miami sun drinking tiny cup after tiny cup of hot cafe cubano don't understand you.

Dozens of Eskimos standing around in Barrow, Alaska eating popsicles in a blizzard though -- they understand.

Black? Ptooey. Take instant coffee crystals, melt them in a spoon with your lighter, and then inject them directly into a vein.

It's the G.I. Joe of caffeine fixes.

Keith [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I gave up drinking coffee with milk when living in remote areas of Australia. We were often cut off for months at a time and if anything was going to be air-dropped milk certainly wasn't a priority. (beer and cigarettes were).
Average around fifteen mugs of coffee a day, three spoons of sugar. That and a cigarette or two covers the major food groups.

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