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In the Bearded Spock universe, criticizing the Democrats for using sick children to flog their socialist "a doctor in every pot" health plan, is actually attacking the children. Of course, what really irritates these people is the fact that anyone with half a brain saw through this ploy to the relatively wealthy business owner complete with high-priced suburban home that actually provided the sick children. As many sensible people -- cough, excuse me, fascist child-molesting rightwing haters -- have pointed out, the family in question apparently chose not to avail themselves of many affordable health plans, and have tried to pass this off as "we couldn't find anything we could afford."

I've been reading a lot on blogs and so on about the scary juggernaut that the Democratic party is turning into, but this sort of reaction isn't that of winners -- it stinks instead of desperate loser flop-sweat. You know, lefties, it's kind of hard to convince people that you're the righteous, ethical ones when you're busy pissing on our heads and telling us it's raining.

(First link via a commenter at Tim Blair's, the rest of the links via Kathy Shaidle and Mark Steyn at the Corner.)

Update: (via Kathy) we're here, we're queer, get used to it! On a side note, when pondering the seeming paradox of gay-bating progressives we should recall the sort of treatment homosexuals received in that star example of the communist way of life, the Soviet Union. GLBT's who throw their lot in with leftists should especially keep this in mind.

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