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Women have no taste

My eyes... one of the minor irritations of my life has been the difficulty of finding a purse that is practical (as in, having a number of both large and small compartments that are easy to get to), comfortable to carry, and tasteful. Since my requirements are rather exacting I tend to carry the same bag until it wears out. Then I have to go looking for a new one, which means I find myself confronted by monstrosities like these. (Or rather, their lower-priced knockoffs, as I would never spend that much money on a sack.) Now I have one question: why on earth do women find these things so desirable? They are all, without exception, hideous. I wouldn't have these in my house even if I could afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a bag.

I singled out Coach because the ugly purse phenomenon seems to be especially egregious in the more expensive end of the lady-sack industry. Gucci is another brand that turns out creations that look like syphilis in purse form. Most of my purses end up coming from places like Walmart. Yes! Walmart has a more tasteful and dignified inventory than high-arsed places like Nordstrom's -- there, I've said it.

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cardeblu [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Yes to Walmart or Target or, like my current one bought about 8 years ago, Fred Meyers. Has to be brown or black, preferrably leather or leather-like, long shoulder strap, at least 2 compartments inside (plus small zippered one), and at least another small one on the outside for cellphone and/or cigarettes but not one made for those. Absolutely NO attached wallet or credit card flap (totally useless) and NO adornments whatsoever. It can't be one of those huge book bag/hobo bag types, but has to be able to handle the extras I get stuck with on vacations, etc. Like I said, I still use the one I bought about 8 years ago and am in serious need of another one, but my preferences are currently REALLY hard to find even in the above stores.

Of course, I could always be like my mom and have a different one to go with each outfit and pair of shoes....

People buy Coach because if you find a style you like, you never have to buy another. (If it wears out they repair or replace it free - or they did.)

The do have a really nice briefcase, if you have the budget.

These days my bags are usually fanny packs, and always have an integral holster.

Well, I've already pointed out that I don't like any of the styles, and in fact think their purses are hideous. I'd think the cost would be justifiable (in my eyes, of course, because that's the eyes I have to use) if they were attractive bags. But they all look like patchwork mutant sacks from hell. Why would I want one of those forever?

I hope you don't think I am condemning women for merely spending too much on an accessory. I wouldn't blame them if the thing bought was something beautiful and useful. (Or even just beautiful, like a work of art.)

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