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Well, this day was a bust. This virus got me down more than I thought it would. I am pretty sure I know what the culprit was too -- I had just started using Nasonex for what I thought was allergy-caused sinus pluggage. Well guess what one of the major side effects of using Nasonex is? Yup -- viral infections. (Warning -- pdf file. An exact copy of the paperwork that came in the Nasonex box, actually.)

Anyway, I went out to get the cats some dry food and bring my driver's license to the bank so they could copy it (they had forgotten to do so when I was there last time). This was a walk of only a couple of blocks and back, and today was the start of a "cold" front (highs in the 80s instead of 90s), but by the time I got back I was exhausted. And then I decided to vacuum...

Well, cold or no cold I have to start looking for a job tomorrow. I have to at least go to the placement agency that got me my previous job and let them know I'm alive and available. My money is disappearing like ice cream in the sun, except with no sticky residue, so I can't keep on this way.

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ricki [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Is Nasonex that one with the creepy bee-thing with the Fernando Lamas accent as its "spokescritter"? Urgh.

I guess the side effect of any allergy med - which is designed, after all, to suppress your immune response - is that you are more likely to get sick with stuff. Which leads to kind of a Scylla and Charibdis moment every morning before the medicine cabinet: do you walk around sneezing, congested, and miserable and avoid getting a cold, or do you dry up the allergy symptoms and then maybe get a cold that makes you sneeze, be congested, and be miserable.

I HAVE that cold right now, thankyouverymuch. It sucks. It's a lot worse having a cold when it's hot out than when it's cold out.

Yup, that's the one. And I just talked to my friend, the one I spent last week helping. Guess what she's got. And she's on a bunch of medications already so she can't take anything over the counter.

I think once I get over this I'll just stick with cough drops and Benadryl for my allergies.

Oh yes -- and I always get sick in the summer. I don't think I've ever gotten sick in the winter -- such winter as we have in Florida anyway.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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