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If A Thug Calls

I say build a chain of bacon strips and wrap it around the whole site. Then dare him to cross.

Or: will anyone have the stones to make a citizen's arrest? It's time.

Update on My Life In Bearded-Spock-Land: former Hah-vahd president Larry Summers was shooed away from a speaking engagement at Columbia U by frightened, delicate females... excuse me, stalwart guardians of the Rights of Women to Complete And Total Equality With Men, lest he make some poor woman burst into tears (or throw up). But they're going to let Ahmaninejad speak. For some reason I don't think the fact that he runs a country where women can get arrested for showing a bit of ankle will be mentioned. (Via Tightly Wound.)

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I can't believe they're letting that POS anywhere near Ground Zero. What the hell is this country coming to?

It's like I woke up in some sort of Spock's Beard America.

You know, I've been feeling the same way lately.

Jeffro [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ahmaninejad is against the USA. That is all that is necessary.

I think Barone's point at Instapundit was the best one. Columbia won't let ROTC on campus because it discriminates against homosexuals in the military, but welcomes the head of a regime that executes homosexuals in general.

They're just a bunch of dhimmis welcoming one of their new overloards. I wonder how those delicate feminist flowers who objected Larry Summers' speech will feel when they get burkas thrown over their heads.

That's "overlords"...more caffeine needed...

Annoying Old Guy, Barone's observation was interesting but he didn't carry it to its logical conclusion.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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