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An Inconvenient Virus

No, Al Gore hasn't invaded my computer. But something just as persistent and annoying as the Goreacle has invaded my sinuses -- the cold I had at the beginning of this past week is trying to make a comeback. I had beaten it down to a mildly stuffy nose, and then this morning I woke up with itchy sinuses, sneezing, and dribbling nostrils. Needless to say this pisses me off.

I think I might actually wander over to Walgreen's and get some of those zinc lozenges everyone talks about. I need to not have cold this week for a variety of reasons. Those being:

-- I have two job interview scheduled.
-- I am going out of town Thursday night to pick up a car!

The car is in North Carolina, so I am taking the Amtrak. I've already bought the ticket and arranged for my friend to come by and administer food & meds to the cats. I can't be sick this week.

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Jim C. [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Skip the zinc. There was a mistake in the study when they originally came out. Turns out they're ineffective.

Go with whatever else works for you - chicken soup, orange juice, etc.

Too late, I spent the five bucks and have already sucked on one. Dammit.

Oh well. I think the REAL decongestant (the kind you have to give them your ID and SS# and complete life history from the day you were born to get) and the two Benadryls (actually the Walgreen knockoffs) that I took are doing the job.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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