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Strong horse, weak horse

Speaking of assertive methods getting the job done while a weak, passive, "oh no we can't do that it's not nice and we'll get yelled at" attitude gets you the shaft, here's Mark Steyn, pointing out that we're getting taken advantage of by aggressive Muslims who don't care about being loved, only getting what they want -- and we're not doing a whole lot about it. Well sure, we're fighting a war -- a war that about half the people seem to feel is just too, well, warlike to be allowed to continue. Really, doesn't the spectacle of our own authorities bending over backwards for our enemies, in the hopes of pleasing the mythical "nice Muslim," worry anyone? Apparently not enough people are concerned that a cultural takeover is being done blatantly in the open here in the West. Instead, we are continuously cautioned against "using the methods of our enemies" lest we "become like them." Well, the only way to become Muslim is to convert, so I don't see how that follows. But clear thinking was never the leading characteristic of the multicultists.

Since this is my own site and no one has to take my advice, here is my solution to this little problem. Feel free to send it Britain's way if you're impressed. Here it goes:

1. All building of mosques and "Muslim cultural centers" and whatnot should be banned in every country that calls itself "Western" until the war is over. And won by their side. If we win, I say we never permit another mosque to be built on Western soil. Sounds harsh and against freedom of religion? Well, too bad -- our country, our rules. No one is stopping Muslims from worshiping, merely from building a huge, ostentatious building that will dominate the skyline (and I use the word "dominate" deliberately) to do it in. There's something in the Koran somewhere that says people can form a "mosque" anywhere, they don't need a building -- and Arabs used to be nomads anyway. Islam more than any other religion insists that its followers adhere to the customs of its first believers, so if it's a new mosque they want, let them pitch a tent in the local imam's back yard.

2. I am not sure how to monitor this, but Muslims living in any Western country should be made to know in no uncertain terms that if they so much as make one little peep about how they aren't totally against the "aims" of jihadists, they are free to leave by the nearest airport to the Muslim-majority nation of their choice. They should also be told that this is a one-way ticket -- they will not be allowed back in the country.

3. I am leaning towards banning all further Muslim immigration into Western nations, at least into mine, unless it's to allow women who are fleeing their slave masters/husbands.

4. CAIR must be banned. I'm sick of them, and they are Hezbollah supporters or something, aren't they?

That's just the beginning, but I need to eat something (the depression is starting again, but I think it's because I'm hungry) so I'll be back later. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments.

(Via Transterrestrial Musings.)

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