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Oh one more thing...

I'm getting tired of this blog and its themeless wandering. When I look at my older blogs (whose links I have hidden out of shame at my current uninspired predicament) I could just cry, if I were the crying type -- because back then I had occasional flashes of inspiration, or something resembling it. I don't know if I'll open another blog -- blog writing suits me, perhaps too well. Perhaps I can't write any other way -- but only Andrew Sullivan gets paid to blog and you see how he turned out.

Then again, I can't even seem to write anything interesting these days. I have had things on my mind... however, I'm not in any predicament that I haven't been before (broke, with bills looming, on the verge of being unemployed as well), so that can't be it. I've been bored and boring for quite some time.

So what should I do -- close the blog? Open a new blog? (Like a fresh new page.) Stay off the internet? (Noooo----!) I'm open to suggestion. (But not hypnosis.)

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Don't feel bad, I think most of us are in the same boat.

The news is so disheartening, and the political scene disgusting.

All parties are equally stupid though both the Dems and GOP are making special efforts to appear beside the point.

I've about made up my mind that I'm not going to change the name of my blog again. If it's ever going to be something it isn't right now (such as, oh I dunno, good), it'll get that way naturally better than if I try to force it.

Which is not to say that I don't occasionally toy with the idea of going incognito someday, blogging under a pseudonym. But even then I know I wouldn't be able to stay "in character" and anyone familiar with my blog or my comments on other blogs would eventually spot me.

"So what should I do -- close the blog? Open a new blog?"

Honestly? Take the energy you put into complaining about things and invest it into changing things instead.

Pop psychology to be sure, but effective nonetheless.

But-- but then I'd accomplish something! And we can't have that.

Actually... my problem is I can't really find the energy to complain like I used to. Complaining is very entertaining. But all I've been able to do is whine. That's not very entertaining.

As for changing things... I'm conservative, so I'm against change. Then again, I could always change things for the worse. Hmm.... (strokes chin) tempting...

"Actually... my problem is I can't really find the energy to complain like I used to."

You're in the throes of what looks like clinical depression, you're having trouble paying bills (rent, phone, etc.), you're reduced to begging people to hit your PayPal button for money for Ramen noodles, and you're worried about that you're not entertaining enough on your blog.

Not trying to knock you -- I've been reading your blog and enjoying it for some time. I just hate seeing someone as talented as you are down like this when there's no good reason for it.

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I don't think she's clinically depressed (though I am not a therapist and don't even play one on television); were she in the throes of despair, she'd never have accepted a breakfast invitation from the likes of me.

Besides, she seems to have made plans beyond the immediate future, which is something your garden-variety depressed person doesn't bother to do.

And she should come roaring back to life once she notices that I'm talking about her as though she weren't even here, one of my more egregious offenses against etiquette.

I'm glad you are giving Andrea breakfast, Mr Hill...I'd do the same was I not 3,000 miles away. I've certainly been in those blahs myself. Many many times (and each one of them unnecessary, as seen in hindsight). Since she isn't here I can write this....

Yeah, relax, Sean -- it's just a case of the blahs. And I am quite stocked up on ramen noodles, thank you -- I'm collecting money for my take over the world fund.

And you know, if my blog has really become a bummer to certain readers, there is an entire internet out there. (It's probably blocked by Websense, though.)

braise_allah [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Melatonin. You may be deficient in it. It declines with age, but it's really easy to replace. It also acts as a natural sleeping pill. I, too, have suffered from the blahs. I'm a 53 year old woman. Every time I remember to take a melatonin pill right before bed, I wake up feeling good. Otherwise, I don't. It improves the quality of one's sleep, leading to more physical and mental energy, etc. I enjoy your blog, please don't quit.

I've wondered if something like that wouldn't help. I might try it out. PS: I've decided that I can't possibly deprive the internet of wonderful me, so don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.

braise_allah [TypeKey Profile Page]:

And another thing, what about your thyroid? You seem to have a lot of signs of an underactive thyroid: weight gain, fatigue, lack of motivation, etc. Very common in women over forty. If you can't find a knowledgeable doctor (most docs don't understand the thyroid thing), it's easy to do everything on your own. A good resource is Mary Shomon's thyroid page at about.com.

I thought my thyroid was going bad, but every time I go to the doctor and they send me out for blood tests they always come back with normal thyroid levels. Then they tell me I need to lose weight. (Which I agree with, but it's too hot to go for the long walks which is the only form of exercise I am willing to do.)

wf [TypeKey Profile Page]:

"Weight gain, fatigue, lack of motivation" - all that and I´m going bald, too. But that´s alright. I don´t care for big words like Depression. Churchill called it the black dog. Had it all the time. Won the war, he did. Keep buggering on was his motto. I guess it´s KBO for all of us. Especially for you, Andrea, because I would miss this blog.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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