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Confession of an overloaded would-be blogger

Well I still don't have much energy to write anything. Maybe it's the August heat -- sure, when I'm at home I'm in airconditioning, but I have to go out occasionally, to buy groceries, to keep from going insane... I can't wait until it cools down here. I am useless in the summer.

Also, I am feeling really overwhelmed by the amount of stupidity out there. Iraq is hopeless, Bush is a fascist dictator, global warming causes leftists to get piles and also is the fault of the USA exclusively -- see, we should just shut down our economy, and starve to death, and then everyone else in the world will be fat and happy and cool. But we just won't do that, because we are selfish!

Maybe it was a mistake to make the internet public. It just seems to me that all it did was give the tards, cranks, conspiracy-maniacs, communists, and other intellectual low-lifes a voice that they did not deserve. Now there is no getting away from their stupid shit, when before you could walk away from the screeching street person, or hang up on your moronic relative when they start spouting. The internet is becoming as useless and garbage-filled as tv.

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ricki [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I have no advice to give, just that I kind of agree with you. People - who needs 'em?

Too bad we couldn't come up with an Internet for the rest of us. (Of course, the trolls and drooling idiots would find it eventually, and ruin it too)

The_Real_JeffS [TypeKey Profile Page]:

The problem isn't the INTERNET. It's all them personal computers. Maybe we need mandatory PC registration and regulations, like, y'know, guns!

Oh, wait.......

The only good thing is that the stupid people tend not to own guns, due to their stupid ideas about "ooh, scawy guns."

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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