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Women are weird

I just don't get them, and no, actually being one doesn't help. In the comments to this post of Moxies about her night out at a new restaurant, I commented that it must have been expensive (it was one of those places that is booked until the Second Coming, and such places are usually expensive), and joked a bit about being so poor that my idea of luxe dining was the Olive Garden. Apparently my remarks were taken as catty, or something, and I got lectured to by Amy Alkon on how she budgets herself whenever she's in Paris. Well, I wasn't being catty, it's just the sort of thing I say, as I have money a bit on my mind these days.

Of course I could be wrong and she could actually think that her example of budget living (when she's in Paris she stays in an apartment so she can eat in and thus have extra cash to splurge on a couple of five-stars) has any sort of connection with mine (I live as long as possible on bad food from my fridge and when I finally run out of moldy bread and ramen noodle soup I walk to the bus to go to the grocery store, on the way passing the Olive Garden that I can't afford to eat in).

Anyway, this isn't to start some sort of fight with the woman (even though she called me "the Olive Garden person" when my real name is there at the bottom of my comment). I don't know anything about Amy Alkon except I think that she's some sort of media person, and that once I went to her web page from a link on someone else's page, and her website not only froze my browser window, it caused my entire computer to go into some sort of paralytic seizure. I not only couldn't click away from her website, I couldn't close the browser window, couldn't ctrl-alt-delete, couldn't even shut the computer down. My computer was transformed from a laptop into a black plastic frame holding a picture of Amy Alkon's website.

So this is all just to say that her website really seems to dislike me, or at least my computer.

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Moxie [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I really didn't read it as catty, from either end. Not your comment nor Amy's response. Amy really is frugal.

Last week, I was talking to her about prescription glasses and she told me how to get my very expensive prescription lenses for a small fraction online.

This is great information for someone like me -- who ends up wearing the same scratched glasses for 4-5 years. It gets awkward when I can't recognize people I've known for 7 years, standing 2 feet in front of my face.

I can't explain the web site freeze. And like you, can't afford to go to Paris. But hey, when it happens, it's good information to have.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

So, how do I save on bifocals online? I heard this on Clark Howard once but have never followed up...

Don't think I need any info on "budgeting" on my trips to Paris...but I'll keep it in mind, as it may be useful at some point in my travels in my own country...though I kinda doubt it, as the places I travel to are unlikely to attract people who look forward to Five Star dining. Not much of that in Chinook, Montana...

I AM interested in saving cash. My theory is if I'm paying full price, I'm doing something wrong. I'm not cheap, I'm frugal. I'm also poor, but thankfully not ramen soup poor anymore. Most of the time. Not this week, anyway.

I suppose if I'd been more frugal I could afford to go to Paris. I have been there, but only for about twenty-four hours -- I was traveling with my mother, and she didn't like the city, so we left. This was on my one and only trip to Europe, when I was eighteen. I may go back someday, but I'm not the Europhile I used to be. My dream trips now take me to weird places, like Mongolia.

PS: when my current pair of glasses wear out I may want that info on cheaper ones too. I have "progressive" lenses and they cost me nearly $500 and that was with insurance. I got them a couple of years ago and they're still working and hopefully will for some more years (knock on wood), but who knows when I'll have a vision plan again. (I am thinking of shopping my own insurance instead of letting whatever new job I get buy it for me.)

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I suppose anything I say here is open to dispute, since I'm on day 13 of a two-week road trip.

It is easier, though, to save money on dinner than it is to save money on fuel - not that I have been particularly frugal with either. I suspect that somewhere out there is some goober who is utterly gobsmacked that I would go burn up 150 gallons of precious fuelstuffs, generating all that carbon dioxide, while somewhere in [fill in name of place which would be considered godforsaken if this person actually believed in some sort of god] some poor person is having to watch non-HD TV.

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