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The passing parade

Sorry for the radio silence... yesterday I went to one of those things women do here, a Pampered Chef party. I get these bursts of social feeling every now and then. Also I have an attraction to useful gadgets, and have been wanting to supplement my Walmart kitchen odds and ends with at least something that is made properly for a task. Of course, funds being low, I couldn't get the $70 santoku forged knife or the professional grade frying pan that was over a hundred dollars, but I did get a 75 cent citrus peeler. And then madness seized my brain, and I agreed to host another party at my place. It's not until August, so I have a month to get used to the idea. (Also to clean my place.)

In any case, I'm the sort of person who has to recover from social occasions, so I've been squatting in my cave like a troll. It helps that it's hotter than the surface of the sun outside, and at about 950% humidity. (I only exaggerate a little.) Did I mention I hate summer?

Also, I have made a decision of sorts, though I am sure it has the staying power and likelihood of success as any of my other decisions: I have decided that I am going to try to move out of Florida once my lease is up next May. Tentative destinations: Texas, where I know some people, and Atlanta, where I don't know anyone. I'm sick of Florida -- the way all jobs are low-paying especially. Most available jobs here are either low-paying retail, low-paying "hospitality industry," or in the medical field. I can't do retail, I refuse to work for the tourist industry in any shape or form (unless it's in a back office somewhere where I don't actually have to see or talk to a tourist) and I can't stand anything to do with doctors or hospitals, especially having to see people coming in to clinics and emergency rooms with the sort of scrapes and bumps we used to treat with a spray of bactine and a bandaid.

I really need a real vacation. Being broke and carless sucks.

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Katie J [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ha! I have a PC party scheduled for August as well. I'm glad you reminded me, actually. I'm not quite sure how I got sucked into it, but there it is, I guess. Now if I can only find a way to get my house organized by then...

I have no idea why I did it. I am almost a total misanthrope and my fondest dream is to become the sort of ancient reclusive figure that people refer to as "that crazy old witch down the street who chases kids off her lawn with a broom." I guess I really want that knife and that frying pan...

Er, speaking as someone who was a trained chef in my past life, the PC stuff is overpriced and the quality of many of the items starts at dubious and goes downhill from there. You'll find the best deals at restaurant supply outlets. The stuff they sell is pretty much indestructible and is priced right. Restaurants are always going under so there are good deals to be had on used items as well.

If you're moving, consider relocating to a rural area. The price of living is MUCH lower, and you'll find that a skillset that isn't so much in demand in a larger center will suddenly make you popular.

I was waiting for someone to tell me the PC stuff was overpriced. Actually, I'm not surprised -- I'm sure it is. I probably won't get anything from them. It's just that the minuscule "social" part of my brain occasionally rebels at its disfranchised status and makes me do things like this. As I've already promised, I can't back out now. At least I'll get someone else to cook dinner for me.

I will check out your restaurant supply suggestion. I believe Steve H. also ended up getting his pans from a restaurant supply place. He's much more obsessive than I am.

I do have fantasies about eventually moving to some remote rural location away from all humanity ("surrounded by a moat filled with alligators, with me on the porch with a shotgun across my knees" is how I usually describe it -- and of course with the requisite satellite dish so I can get my beloved internet (all the benefits of "communication" without actually having to come into contact with other smelly humans or hear their annoying voices, says my inner misanthrope), but not at this stage of my life. I don't know how they do things in Canada, but down here rural places are also known as "places where you can't find a decent job, so you move to the city." And I'm a city girl; places where you can't hear any sirens or gunshots or garbage trucks backing up make me nervous.

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