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Smack My Bitch Up

Well, here's another reason to say "I'm not a feminist." Works for me, anyway.

(Via Small Dead Animals. NSFW, probably.)

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Boy, oh boy...me too. I'm downright proud to not be a feminist. Hardcore feminists really do have a lot of...issues.

I was just wondering what "the book" was. I assume it must be The Feminine Mystique This would be fitting because I remember reading once that Betty Friedan was caught at the airport with a whole load of S&M pr0n in her briefcase. Regarding that story, I did a quick Google and came up with this (the story is quoted about halfway down the page).

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

If there's really a BDSM connection, the proper response to a masochist demanding "Hurt me!" is a sadistic "No, I don't think so."

If it's a feminist masochist, bring her flowers and hold open the door for her. It will drive her bonkers.

By the way, that Friedan book is one of the least sexiest books ever written. I can't imagine any woman feeling sexier after reading three hundred-odd pages of women in nice upper-middle-class homes with every mod con whining about how bored they were. As for a man, I should think that the sight of the cover would make his testicles retract into his body cavity.

So the book the guy is talking about must be something else. I'm guessing it would be the Kama Sutra, from those well-known feminists and supporters of female sexual freedom the ancient Hindus.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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