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Flush this

Well this has been a shit day in what has so far been a shit week and August looks to be a shit month...

Let's start with: my boss got canned today. We sort of expected it, but he's a nice guy and it still sucks. On the other hand, he's out of the CRAPHOLE I can't believe I said I'd stay another month at...

I have six days to pay my phone bill. I'm actually thinking of getting rid of the phones -- I have my cell -- and dsl and getting cable again. I'll buy a small tv maybe as well, and get cable tv. I need some mindless diversion.

I am out of love with my furniture. Everything except a couple of the lamps and the bed I could cheerfully do without, as well as my records, lots of my clothes, and a goodly number of my books. I love books, but on the other hand I love being able to move without breaking my fucking back. I have already made a list -- I'll keep the Danish modern chair and the small round table, get rid of the couch and the big green armchair and the coffee table and the small cabinet. I may even eventually get rid of my big dresser. Eventually the desk will go, but I may keep that until I move. I'll keep the cube bookcase as well, though it will be fit for nothing but the dumpster by the time I leave here...

I can't wait for all the empty space in my apartment. I'm already excited about it. I think one thing that is depressing me is the clutter. I threw lots of stuff out when I moved, but there is all this goddamned clutter all over the place. I can't wait to start getting rid of things. Maybe if I start with the vases and candleholders and garbage like that it will keep my mind off the lease that doesn't end until May 2008.

I have been looking at various different parts of the country to move to. I can't believe how cheap rents are in other places compared to Florida. Nice places too, not shitty falling-apart crap occupied by college students and drug dealers. And it's not as if wages in Florida compensated for the high rent. They have fixed it so you can make just enough to pay your rent (if you do nothing else, like eat or have a phone), but not enough that you can save to leave. This is why I am so eager to get my severance pay. That little chunk will be the biggest amount of cash I've seen in quite a while, and it's going to pay my way out of this dreadful state for once and for all. Though as always, donations do help....

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I still think you'd really like Pittsburgh, especially the Squirrel Hill neighborhood.

I may check it out, if I can.

Stormy70 [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Get thee to Texas! I think you would like it here.

As for furniture, have you tried the Goodwill stores? I constantly cruise my area store and find all kinds of treasures, and they occasionally will have some really nice furniture. Antiques, as well.

Texas is another possibility, as I know people there. But Dallas (that's where the people I know live) isn't much cheaper than Orlando.

Re: the Goodwill -- I'm trying to get rid of furniture, not buy it. I'll probably end up having Goodwill cart it away some time in the future. And actually, I got all my stuff at second-hand places. I agree, those stores are the best.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

A good friend of mine is escaping from SoCal with her husband and dogs -- they're going to The Home of Blue Bell Ice Cream -- Brenham, Texas (Wikipedia link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brenham,_Texas).

I wouldn't have a problem moving there. Except I don't plan to move again for a very long time...

Here's the thing — you can get by in Pittsburgh without airconditioning. It also rates very highly on Ms. Harris' specific checklist. And it has 5 universities. There is also some very beautiful scenery just a couple of hours away in several directions.

I'm pretty sick of college students, actually. But there isn't a major city in the US that doesn't have a college scene, so I guess I'm stuck with the inconsiderate little pigs. No, really -- hey FUCKWADS UPSTAIRS, I really don't need to hear you having sex, or your ELEPHANT FEET all over my head. And they throw their garbage all over the place, god forbid they open the door to the trash compactor with their pristine hands.

I find the youth of today dreary.

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