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Summer semester must be over or something. The streets and malls and apartments have been filled with the Youth of America, pulling out in front of buses with their Jeep Wranglers, filling entire aisles with their wide-legged pants, and filling the air above and around my apartment with the sound of their parties and their loud, obnoxious laughter. Next place I move to will be one of those towns that young people are leaving.

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I don't mind young people in theory. I just wish they would dress better and take better care of themselves, instead of trolling around with their excess flesh hanging out of their trashy, ill-fitting outfits.

Hey, I may be a tad chubs now, but I wasn't when I was 22, damn it, and I could manage a pleasing ensemble despite the fact that we were barely out of the seventies. The seventies, people!

It is the duty of the young to be beautiful and spiffily dressed; it takes the minds of us non-young off our state of decay. That's the deal, whippernsappers. You get your loud "music" and your all night parties and your moronic political opinions only in exchange for looking like young folk should. Dress like a slob and be out of shape? TURN DOWN THAT MUSIC AND GET OFF MY LAWN!

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Should you see someone out of shape and sloppily dressed on my lawn, chances are you're looking at me.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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