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Bambi must die

Right now the deer situation in this country seems to be I'M IN UR CITYS, TRAMPLEENG YUR PLANTZ, SMASHING THRU UR CARZ, GIVING YU GROSS DISEASES. A nice big cull would not only bring the accident rate down, it would help prevent the spread of Lyme disease -- which is nasty, read the link -- and piss off the sort of "activist" whose incontinent outburst is documented at the above link (and we all want to make obnoxious people even more unhappy than they already are, don't we? Well I do), it would put some nice venison on our tables. Deer are pretty; they are also delicious. I'm too lazy to hunt, I'd rather be able to go to the local Publix and pick up some venision steak.

(Via Transterrestrial Musings.)

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The_Real_JeffS [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Yeah, when I lived in Chicago in the mid 1980s, deer were a problem. So were the Bambi lovers, because they exacerbated the deer problem by preventing culls. Predictably, the nature "preserves" were eaten bare, the deer starved, and people went without venison. I think that the latter was the worst aspect of the problem.

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Had it not been for one of Bambi's entirely-too-common cousins, you'd have seen me last year.

I live near Lyme, you know, the town for which the disease is named. Last night Channel 8 ran a poll on the burgeoning deer population. 47% wanted a cull, 53% were against it.

Scientific proof that half the people in the state of CT are stark raving nutters.

What should be done in quasi-urban areas is to allow bow-hunters to do the job. It would be very safe, especially if they are shooting down from platforms, as is commonly done.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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