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A blogger dies, the world goes on

Noted political blogger James Capozzola died earlier this week. I hadn't read his blog, Rittenhouse Review, in years, basically because he was one of those political bloggers and such things really bore me. As I said here, I vaguely remember getting into a some sort of argument with him over something that I can't remember anymore, the link is on one of my dead blogs, I think. I had forgotten about him, and didn't harbor any ill will. But other people don't think like me... according to some of his weird fans, he didn't just die of an unspecified "illness" -- the Republican party killed him because he didn't get all the free money and computers and special Health Potions that us Republican bloggers get. These people are crazy.

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CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

The stink in question (January '04) derived from Mr Capozzola's declaration that if you dared to link to Wonkette, you would be denied a link from him. (I posted about it here; there's an actual Twisted Spinster comment thereupon.)

It did spawn one good aftersnark: Keith Berry noted that he had indeed been delinked, and said, "I'd like to be able to report that my link was removed because of a lack of space and not because Capozzola is a small, petty and cheap little man." To which Glenn Reynolds chimed in: "To be fair, as far as I know there's no actual evidence that he's cheap."

Oh yeah! The Great Delinking Controversy. You can see how the subject had a hold on my mind. (Not.)

Oops. And I took down the Twisted Spinster blog and let the domain expire because I didn't feel like paying for it. Oh well -- if I do put the archives up elsewhere I'll let you know. If you want me to.

I almost never wander over to the HuffPo- except when Gutfield posts- for fear of lowering my IQ. However, since you linked it, I clicked. Big mistake. I need to read some "See Dick Run" stories to bring my intellect back up to a respectable level like, say, that of my dog.

aelfheld [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Does the Left ever stop whining?

Ah, yes, I remember the Great Delinking. It was the first blog hissyfit I think I ever encountered. I seem to remember talk about how to make a real ceremony out of the process; somebody suggested chanting "I delink thee!" four times while modifying the blogroll.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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