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They smile in your face

Does anybody but me get the feeling like our new, fun "business partners" in China are trying to find new, stealthier ways to kill us? Here's a review: first it was pet food, then it was chicken, and now it's toothpaste. You know, the word "business partner" is often another way of saying "enemy." As another song about backstabbers (besides the one I got the title from) says, "your enemy/won't do you no harm/'cause you'll know where he's coming from." But a smiling face often "don't tell the truth." Our frantic desire to be the world's Bestest Friend coupled with our need to make more and more money is going to kill us all.

(Via KiSP.)

Added: I found this list. Wonderful. At least some members of Congress seem to have found part of their spines -- probably because they eat out so much, and who knows where restaurants in DC get their foods.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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