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Let's put these people in charge

Glenn Reynolds gives a normal, non-partisan, even-handed and cogent interview on the benefits and liabilities of the political use of the internet to Mother Jones magazine. Mother Jones' comment hordes react like a cage full of monkeys to the sight of a rival monkey. These are people who think that you're a fascist if you... agree with them on most things, actually. The difference between Glenn Reynolds' libertarian tolerance and the nutty ideals of the moonbattish left is only a few millimeters thick. Maybe he wants less government interference than the left does; at the end of the day they are still shoving us down the same slippery slope. Still, I'd rather have Reynolds' ilk running the country (at least no one will be forced to get the immortality implants and the titanium genitalia) than the drooling retards who have taken over the Democrats. (The fact that these idiots are also calling Reynolds "racist" is so hilariously stupid it's not even worth commenting on.)

(Via Mr. Bingley commenting at Coalition of the Swilling.)

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"...they are still shoving us down the same slippery slope"

Oh so true. Glenn has the right answers to all the wrong questions.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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