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Speaking of Lileks

Turns out he came by my little corner of the world this past weekend. Right off the bat our trees frightened him. Good -- we keep them there by the airport to let visitors know not to stray. After all, there be alligators (and possibly a few velociraptors) in those jungles.

Oddly enough, I had just made the decision that one thing I am going to do with my severance pay is go to Disney World. I have lived here since 1999 but I haven't been into the gates of the big World since I think 1992. Or maybe even earlier. Also, I can take the bus there.

I'm not really into the whole Magic Kingdom thing, but it is a well-done concept, and there are several new things (such as Animal Kingdom) that I haven't seen. I'm not much into rides, but the Haunted Mansion was an exception. I always found it restful. (Even as a teenager I was planning my retirement.) Then I'll go to Epcot, where I can get booze and spend way too much money on crap.

Or maybe I'll just stay home and drink on my couch. Who knows... I hope I get a week or so off between jobs; I really need a vacation.

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Daddyquatro [TypeKey Profile Page]:

And he didn't come visit you? Or take you with?
Did he not realize taht the great, the infamous, the recently re-domiciled Andrea was so near?

Alas, the news of my greatness has yet to reach the world at large.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I've lived in Jax for a good chunk of time (4 1/2 years the first time, 2 so far this time, 2 part time), & have been to the World twice. The first time was when we first moved here & my father-in-law gave us money to take Lovely Daughter & my then-14-year-old stepson. We stayed at a KOA Kamping Kabin at Baseball City. They had a nice hot tub. The second time, I actually got on a plane from San Diego with a whole bunch of giggling girls, cuz I'd somehow become a Cheer Mom for Lovely Daughter's Pop Warner squad, who were competing at national championships. The first time was summer & not so fun but we were well prepared (umbrellas work as well for sun as for afternoon rains). The second time it was winter, just before Christmas, the place was nearly deserted, so we rode Space Mountain 4 or 5 times in a row. It was a blast, but I've done my time now, so I don't think I'll ever feel the need to do it again. My love for crowds gets smaller all the time.

I like reading Lileks' take on it, he sounds a bit like me - "Lovely Daughter had fun, so it was well worth it."

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Epcot has booze? I didn't know. Well, in those days, we couldn't afford it anyway, so it's just as well I didn't know.

You didn't know? It was the only reason to go there -- otherwise it was nothing but a bunch of restaurants, and Disney's long-dated "future" concepts, which smelled of the mothballs even before it was built (explanation: I was taken to the building site when I was a child, and there was a display of photographs and drawings of the theme park in a small building on site. I don't remember much else about that particular trip. Back then Orlando was a place to stop and get orange juice out of those little plastic oranges with the straw, not a vacation stop).

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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