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Lowered standards

Among the many things I don't understand about kids today is the popularity among the younger set of oral sex. When I was that age neither I nor my peers would have even thought of going near each other's peepees with our mouths without the accompanying exclamation: "EWWWWWW! That's gross!" This was the early Seventies, when at least in my part of the US teen sex was still seen as optional. (Now it's apparently mandatory to have sex the minute you turn thirteen, if you're even allowed to wait that long.)

Anyway, my question is, what has happened to the natural disgust young people once had concerning those bodily functions having to do with the end products of digestion? This isn't a new thing -- twenty years ago (ouch) fifteen-year-old Tawana Bradley apparently smeared herself or allowed herself to be smeared with feces (think about it: she let poo touch her body; yuuurrrggghhh!) in order to falsely claim she was raped. But the numbing of our instinctive recoil from human waste, and the places from which these things emit, has become more widespread, along with the increasing callousness of people concerning the sex act and sexual relations. More and more people are turning into automatons, simulations of human beings with no actual human feelings or responses to anything. That way no one will ever get hurt or offended -- beings incapable of offence can't offend -- except for those of us real humans who will have to wade through the piss and shit.

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I don't have much to add except, Amen. It seems like the "cool kids" not only like to wallow around in sewage, but they think it smells nice, too. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to put up with the stench.

Disgust at human waste products is a learned response, it's not innate. Maybe parents don't teach that anymore.

As for oral sex, you can't get pregnant that way, disease transmission is less frequent, and it's a great timer saver.

AOG: Disgust at human waste products is a learned response, it's not innate.

I'm not persuaded of that. That small children develop from an earlier stage of shamelessness into the "eewww" stage in matters sexual or eliminational doesn't necessarily mean that the former stage is "natural" and the latter entirely culturally imposed. (Shit stinks, and spreads disease, after all.) Being the psychotic apes that we are, we're likely to take any natural reticence and pudency to pathological extremes, but we don't just don't pluck them out of thin air and culturally impose them on our natures.

Andrea - yeah, I don't get the oral sex fixation thing, either, though "oral sex" is a misleading phrase. I think in this context we're just talking about girls giving blow jobs to guys and calling it a relationship, which is why it's so pathetic. Not terribly new, just reaching down to younger ages. When I was in college back in the Pleistocene, I was seriously disgusted by the girls who'd let on that their entire "relationship" with their, ahem, "lovers" consisted of her blowing him. (Wow, how did I manage to resist involvement in such exciting liaisons?)

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

"Maybe he'll like me if I do up his squirt gun," she thought.

Are these guys even reciprocating? Or is it always just a fellationship? And can we blame this on Bill Clinton?


That's the whole problem...it's all one-sided. And guess who is usually on the losing side?

And can we blame this on Bill Clinton?

Sure, why not? After all, today's young fellatrixes and their male "friends with benefits" were just finding out about that sort of thing when the whole Monica scandal was going on.

Susan B: "today's young fellatrixes..."

Tsk. Hell in a handbasket, I tell you. First all these feral youth running around the internet typing "indexes" for indices, then then they bump up the depravity to "codexes" for codices, or "aviatrixes" for aviatrices, and no doubt even fouler abominations the witnessing of which I have been spared. What kind of example do you think you're setting, woman? It's no wonder kids today are the way they are.

Anything I type here will get me in trouble. Except to say that not every woman finds it a chore... Some of those dumb young girls aren't so dumb; like being a stripper, this "one sided" activity can give one a thrilling sense of power. And other women get off on being submissive.

I'm just sayin'...

When I was that age (opens ancient diary, coughs as dust rises from the crackling parchment) the last thing on my mind was my need to get a thrill out of being submissive, or playing domination games, or whatever, with some pimply teen male. All I wanted to do was go to Middle-Earth and wander about Mirkwood and the plains of Rohan, etc., killing the occasional Orc.

All I know is, the more I read about things like this, the more I understand Sartre's "hell is other people."

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Not to second-guess Kathy Shaidle or anything, but this strikes me as an awfully ephemeral form of "power" being wielded here.

Then again, this is not my, um, area of expertise, so keep plenty of grains of salt handy should I comment further.

I forgot to ask AOG: if it was your daughter, would you want her to do it? (And no, I am not implying the "rather than the full deed." I mean do it as a discrete act.) After all, I can think of a better way to prevent spreading disease, at least certain diseases -- and what do you know, it works better than any other way.

La Shaidle: "Anything I type here will get me in trouble..."

Hmmm. That's an oddly placatory opening, suspiciously unlike what one would expect from Kathy Shaidle. Like she'd regret getting everyone in a froth? Who are you and what have you done with her?

Some of those dumb young girls aren't so dumb[...]

Nah. Personal anecdote suggests that the girls most likely to be blowing boys in the restroom are more likely to have trailer parks and welfare checks in their futures than the comforts of the astute courtesan.

And other women get off on being submissive.

Yeah, but somehow I don't think that "getting off on being submissive" is an accurate description of the psychological motivations of fourteen-year-olds in middle-school restrooms. Or the young women I knew in college engaging in this "one-sided activity", for that matter. (Women merrily engaged in hot satisfying dominance-submission action don't spend their time out of bed boring their hapless housemates with endless complaints about what assholes men are, scarfing Prozac, or plotting psycho-chick revenge on their paramours. I think "Chumpette" covers it better.)

Charles: "fellationship"

Snicker. I like it. Is that original with you?

By the way, the subject is teenage and preteen girls doing this, not "consenting adults" or married people. Just so you don't get off topic.

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I claim no ownership of "fellationship"; I think I saw it at FWP's once, perhaps in a comment. (And "fellatrices" is no doubt correct, though bad Latin has become the norm outside the Vatican; otherwise-sane people have rendered more than one virus as "viri" or, worse, "virii".)

And I suspect that some STDs travel by mouth almost as efficiently as by the, um, southern route, though again, this is not my area of expertise.

Tsk. Hell in a handbasket, I tell you.


LOL! Well, I don't know if this helps, but I knew that probably wasn't right when I wrote it, but I was too lazy to look it up. But now I'll know for future reference. ;-)

Ms. Harris;

I think that's a bit personal, but my answer is that my preferred STD prevention method for my daughter is lifetime monogamy. I'll be recommending that to my boys as well.

P.S. I thought the final "time saving" reference would indicate that my response was ... uh ... tongue in cheek.

I was also thinking of all the not so distant times of dealing with Girl Three's lack of innate disgust at human waste products. This is a girl who could blow out diapers in the front. Sometimes she pees in her pants because she knows it will get her a bath and a change of clothes, both of those favorite activities. Some innate disgust would be much appreciated.

Oh I don't know. I've heard some guys can save time no matter what sex act is being accomplished.

Re: poo etc. -- perhaps "innate" is the wrong word, but I'm pretty sure my dislike of waste matter is so strong as to be almost instinctual, and can only be overcome by a great force of will. (For instance, I have two cats, and I don't own one of those "self-cleaning" litter boxes. Also -- I have been known to throw out a pair of perfectly good shoes if I stepped in fresh dog poo with them.)

This whole subject is personal, so I won't apologize. (I just don't get why it's the currently most popular post on my blog. Poop and sex -- do I really have to write about them more often? The subjects don't fascinate me that much.)

Oh well, toast is ready. Gotta go.

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