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Back on line

Well that sucks. Not getting my internet connection (and phone) back, but finding out that in February Embarq my phone and dsl company) ended their contract with Earthlink, so that the email address I had with them is no longer valid. That means that I have to set up a whole new email address just so I can get the SMTP authorization to send emails from my admin@spleenville address. Which I had once meant to decommission, but I ended up keeping it. Maybe now is the time.

At least I can now sit at my desk in my new apartment and do my internet stuff. It really doesn't feel like a home until I can get on line. At least not to me -- I'm weird that way.

Update: I forgot -- if you want to contact me, use twistedspinster-at-gmail.com. If you have the Earthlink address, delete it; and you might as well delete the spleenville email too. I'll just use the Gmail one from now on.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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