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And unfortunately, a common film

You know, sometimes I wish that Bush/Cheney/HitlerburtonCo would just announce that they've declared martial law, suspended elections and all other freedoms indefinitely, and that all critics of the government will be rounded up and thrown in detention camps. Just for fun. Just to see how many pretend-leftist pseudo-dissenters would pop a cork.

And to see how many would line up and start goose-stepping.

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This is just incredibly disturbing. As someone pointed out in the comments, the assumption seems to be that terrorists=pirates and pirates=good.

It's one thing to make a lighthearted fun movie about pirates, but when it starts to justify today's *real* pirates, then it's about something other than fun.

According to the all lefties I know, all that you suggest has already happened.

Which goes to show you that their definition of "real" is different from ours.

But do they really? Or are they simply playacting the little tv drama that they've made of their lives? If I really thought the Dark Night of Fascism had descended upon America, I wouldn't be sitting around in coffee shops and classrooms bragging about how smart I was for perceiving it, I'd be terrified to leave my home.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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