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We're doomed

What the fuck is going on here? I am so glad I no longer watch television -- I might have come across this made for TV gem and vomited up my skull.

And I thought the Seventies, with all of its "After School Special" movies about kids with the Problem of the Week ("This week: Johnny gets hooked on marijuana!"), were bad.

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I gave up TV over a decade ago and I haven't missed it a bit. I do enjoy laughing at people who haven't and see this sort of stuff first hand, without warning.

Ooooh. I'd better not disclose the contents of my own viewing habits beyond alluding to the fact that I belong to the Joe Bob Briggs fan club.

I know you will hate me forever and ban me from your site (and a large fraction of Florida) for this but...

Tell Laura I loooo-ooove her, Tell Laura I neeeee-eeeed her...

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I think tv jumped the shark when James was 15...except for Johnny Carson. He was from Nebraska & that made his show The Best in my book.

Now, I watch Gardening By The Yard, Good Eats, Mike & Mike in the Morning, & baseball. Being calm takes real work, y'know?

The_Real_JeffS [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'm sooooooooo glad that I gave up serious TV watching years ago. DVDs, the History channel (and similar choices), an occasional movie, the SciFi channel now and then.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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