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The weather gods hate me

Oh dear. I'm sitting here waiting for a woman who was going to buy my "Danish style" cabinet and I'm hearing the gentle sound of raindrops. She lives all the way in Waterford Lakes (far from me) and may decided not to come out tonight. And tomorrow it's supposed to be stormy. (Today was, of course, a beautiful day.) I think I picked the wrong month to move in.

Oh well, too late now, even if I have to give all the crap I don't want to the dumpster or to Goodwill.

I have nothing else to do at the moment, I might as well complain some more. I had actually been thinking about running across the street to the Walgreen's to buy some bread (I'm out), but I don't feel like going out into the rain. Orlando drivers are bad enough on sunny days, on rainy nights they go insane. And it's Saturday night. I'm so pissed I was at Publix today and forgot to buy bread.

So I've been packing and sorting through all my books, culling the ones I don't want to keep. My God where did all these things come from? It's like they had babies or something -- the more I put away or in the to-go pile, the more I find. Oh good grief, there's another stray on the dresser. Right now I'm at the I'll-never-finish stage of packing. I hope my friend at least comes by tomorrow to pick up the computor monitor.

I also contacted some people who asked about the tv and dvd but I've got no replies yet. In any case I disconnected them so I could clear the cabinet but I'm so bored I just might plug them back in. Yeah, Miss "I Don't Watch TV."

My cats are very upset with me. They see me putting things into other things, and moving all of THEIR belongings (which they graciously allow me to use) around, and they know I'm up to no good. There have been several episodes of hissing and snarling at one another. At least I cleaned out the stinky litter box.

And on that note, I'm going to close. Later.

Oh -- and thanks to everyone who contributed to my moving fund. Every little bit helps! I found out that I have to add one month's extra rent onto the downpayment (due to my credit not being so great), so I will have even less money for the next few weeks. Great.

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Scott Chaffin [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Books, books, books. I've been in SA permanently for a little more than 7 months and my office is overflowing with them. Three large boxes worth, at least. More in the garage. I wish I had more discipline, but...there they are. Books.

I dread clearing out my shelves in Dallas. I'm thinking of trying to do what you're doing -- the "I'll keep these, and get rid of those" plan -- but I know it's going to be a big failure. I should just pay someone to come in and take them away. Nobody in my family is ever going to read them.

The horrible thing is, I know that I am going to buy more.

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