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The men don't know, but the little girls understand

Leftists are terrified of him, but pre-teen girls love Vice-President Dick Cheney. I leave you to make your own conclusions as to what this says about pre-teen girls and leftists.

(Via Kathy Shaidle.)

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Annalucia [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Dang! And I was downtown that day. If I'd known he would be there, I would have stopped in.

I like that store a lot; I go in to browse sometimes. A lot of it is over-the-top (the films, the dress-to-match-your-doll clothes) but the dolls themselves are beautifully made and the books are better than you'd think - there's a real attempt by the authors to *get it right* when describing girls' lives and opportunities in centuries past. And I always buy a few of the miniature dolls for Toys for Tots whenever that rolls around.

And I'm not surprised the little girls went for him; he *looks* like everyone's favorite granddad, and I'll bet he was good-humored and courteous about being unexpectedly mobbed.

The girls can sense that Cheney is not someone who is afraid of getting beat up by them.

Sigivald [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I never have understood the hatred/fear that some people have for Dick Cheney.

There's no obvious reason for it, and when asked the only answer I ever get is "because he's evil!"; and when asked exactly how he's evil I only get either "he just IS!" or "because Iraq!" ... two complete non-answers.

I think it must be some sort of weird irrational projection thing or something. Makes no damn sense.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Admittedly, I'm not a pre-teen girl (for a very long time), but IMHO, he's one of the sexiest men around. I like the sound of his voice. And he doesn't seem to be too worried about what others think of him...except he seems to enjoy the adoring little girls, he seems to get a kick out of them, and I like that.

I know, it's mostly surface stuff & he IS a politician, but I think my reasoning is at least as well thought out as "He's eeevil."

ricki [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I suspect part of it is that these girls are brought up in families where you respect people in public office. To them, it's just cool - you're getting to see someone you have read about! Someone who's a world leader! (I would bet the kids from American Girl families are, by and large, better brought up than the average Bratz-playing girl. But maybe I'm just biased)

I also think Cheney does have some kind of avuncular appeal. I just never got the people who looked at him and thought "pure evil."

It also seems to me that he's not the kind of "Do you know who I am?" person who pushes his status as a way of getting perks.

He's not?? Doesn't he know that attitude is un-American?? [/sarc]

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