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Movin' on up update

Well, that wasn't too bad -- I took time off from work to talk to my landlord about breaking the lease, and they were pretty understanding when I explained the long commute was killing me. So all I have to do is come up with an extra month's rent ($600) plus whatever prorated amount I'll have to pay for staying here until May 4th, my move-in day to the new place. I was lucky this time -- the last time I had to break the lease the management company I had charged me the remainder of my lease, because apparently no one rented out that apartment until the end of my lease (or maybe they did -- I ended up getting some of the money back because I'd overpaid, but the company had sold the apartment complex in the meantime so the girl I was talking to couldn't find anything in the records). They also told me I'd get my security back, which will help, because otherwise I'll be eating ramen noodles for a year. This is going to take all my money and then some. But it will be worth it.

At least one headache has been averted -- I asked a coworker who happens to have a truck if he could help me move, and he said yes. He helped me move before, so it's nice of him to forgive the nightmare of ten thousand books (or what must have seemed like ten thousand...) Also, I plan to get rid of a lot of my furniture. I will be keeping the bed (of course) the dresser and the smaller chest, an end table or two (needless to say the search for the perfect nightstand is on hold indefinitely), the couch, the coffee table, and the small cabinet that I planned to make into my bar but so far is just holding junk. And of course the small writing desk. The china cabinet and big dining room table will of course have to go, and as well the "Danish" style cabinet with shelves that really is too rickety and old. I will keep one armchair, but the other (the more worn one) must go.

I've already mentioned books and record albums as things to go through and start culling. Really, I wish I wasn't so tired after work -- I itch to start pitching. I'm going to toss all the Christmas decorations -- they are battered junk anyway, and half the lights are dead. I need to go through all my dishes -- none of them really worth anything, they might just go out to the dumpster. They were cheap to begin with -- or free -- so not much of a loss. My goal is to actually be packed before moving day, instead of my usual habit of packing at the very last minute after drinking myself into a stupor the night before. (I don't usually drink a lot -- I just hate packing.)

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prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I know you've done this before, but I've gotta tell you my most recent AHA! as far as moving. If you don't have kennels, get 2. Don't feed your kitties after dark the night before the move. Then, first thing in the morning, after they've (hopefully) used the kitty commode, put them in the kennels & put the kennels as far out of traffic & busy-ness as possible. They'll still be unhappy, but they'll be out of your hair & you won't worry about them not coming when you need them to. I lost 2 kitties the last day of the move because I didn't do this...

I put the kennels in the living room for about 2 weeks before D-Day so they're used to 'em. The Queen loves it when I bring the kennel out, cuz it means ROAD TRIP! Wonder if she misses those trips now that My Chief has retired & moved Home...

Oh, yeah, I don't feed 'em till we're settled at the new place, water only. Don't know how that works with the one who needs meds, though. And I've been up a long time, so I hope you can decipher this mess...later!

Sound advice -- I've actually got a second carrier (on wheels) on order, hopefully it will come in soon. I'll remember the stuff about the food -- the older one does need a lot of water, though (failing kidneys), so I might have to put a towel in her kennel!

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

The "no food for 24hours before D-Day" was instructions I got when I brought my cats back from Hawai'i. So I used the same plan for The Queen when I was dragging her furry gray butt back & forth to Pax River, MD for 2 years. She travelled SO much better when I didn't give in to the fantasy that she was starving to death without food every 40 minutes! Coupla days without food doesn't do the same thing to her as it does to me, obviously! I was told that this is because a bit of motion sickness doesn't make 'em as uncomfortable if there's nothing in there to slosh around. I don't know if that's so, but she does move much easier when we do it this way. You're only going a short way, but I think it'll be less traumatic for everyone if you can adapt it to your personal situation.

If I was closer, I'd catsit for you, but instead I'll have to settle for moving vicariously through you - so I'm really glad you'll be posting a lot about it, it's something that interests me muchly, twisted as that may be.

Well, I'm only moving a few miles up the road -- I don't know if that qualifies as "travel."

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