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Light in the Darkness?

In the comments to this post of Amy Welborn's on the Virginia Tech shootings, a commenter says that one of the students did try to take down the shooter but was killed. However, his classmates were able to escape. According the the commenter, this hasn't received any media attention. Most tellingly, this student is supposed to have been an ROTC candidate. (She has no direct comment links, do a find on "ROTC.") Does anyone have any links to any articles in the snooze media about this?

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Jim C. [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Early in the coverage I also read somewhere that another student from Cho's high school had been involved in some kind of shooting (after graduation). I can't find that reference now, so I assume it's illusory like Cho's supposed involvement with his first victim.

I've heard nothing about it but I'm interested if anyone has more info.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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