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Life in suspension, pt. 599,965

I don't know why I made that the title of this post. Anyway... gah. Today was -- a day. After work I ended up at the mall (where I pick up the connecting bus). I prefer to wait until the later, less crowded bus comes along, so I got it into my head to get my hair cut. There is a Hair Cuttery in this mall. (I don't fuss much about my hair. Hair Cuttery is fine.) Anyway, I told the guy to make it short, so now I look like Derek Jacobi in I, Claudius. Well, I did until I applied the hair dye -- now it's kind of brown. But good and short -- everyone else who does my hair seems terrified at the idea of shearing a lady's locks, and I always end up with my head looking like a huge ball of fluff after a couple of weeks.

I saw my next-door neighbor's (we share the front patio) young relatives of some sort barbecuing on their part of the patio when I got home, and I offered to give them one of my patio chairs -- a resin Adirondack style that someone gave me and I never used once. I already have a porch chair, and the two of them looked odd sitting on my side of the patio while hers had none. Now there is a chair on each side. So I have taken care of one pre-moving task (getting rid of an unwanted item of furniture).

I have basically decided just about everything is going to have to go. I will just take the smaller (the three-drawer) dresser, and sell or give away (if it doesn't sell) the six-drawer dresser. I need to go through the rest of my clothes and just get rid of everything I know I am not going to wear.

And so on. So much to discard... I can't wait.

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prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I get my hair cut at Hair Cuttery, too. They do a decent job on a haircut known as "modified shag" -- and most important, it's only 2 miles from my house. I love getting my hair cut so much, I had to wake myself up & tell her when to quit, cuz I'd have no problem with short like yours! It's how I wore it till I was a senior in high school & once since then because, to tell you the truth, I'm too lazy to wear it any other way. If it ain't wash-n-wear, it ain't good for me.

I'm getting to do something I seem to have to do often - sort books for keep or store. The wheelbarrow is full of 'em on the patio (had to get rid of cardboard boxes, home to a zillion cockroaches), & I just bought bins. Anything that doesn't fit in the bins is going bye-bye! I have no NEED for that many books, especially in this little house! So, they'll all go to Goodwill or Salvation Army, or the neighbors. Soon as I go sort 'em...

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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