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Is there an election coming up or something?

There is certainly madness in the air today. Work was a perfect bitch (I responded in kind, hitting "reply all" to one of those stupid chain emails that gets passed around at work, so I could send the Snopes.com link debunking it -- it was the "John Hopkins Medical Center Says All This Stuff Will Kill You!" one), and then I got home, and to my everlasting joy -- okay, to my amusement, I got the first nonsensical hate email I've received in years. Here's the whole thing:

You are the perfect moral argument for abortion. If you were black, you'd be the perfect moral argument for lynching, and if you were Jewish, you'd be the perfect moral argument for Auschwitz.

Beautiful sentiments! And who was the brave, brave soul who sent this out? "Anonymous Remailer (Austria)." Funny names parents are giving their kids these days.

Anyway, on to other things... re the recent Don Imus scrapplefest, mark this as the first time in history I've ever agreed with anything Howard Stern has said. Quoted by Udolpho, the Stern says Imus is "apologizing like a guy who got his first broadcasting job. He should have said, 'Fuck you, it's a joke.'" It's not like his grovelling has done any good. At least a Stern style reply would have afforded us the amusing spectacle of seeing Sharpton and Co. splutter and fume, their self-righteousness confronting the brick wall of don't-give-a-shit.

Update: Kathy Shaidle's One-Step Program for PC-holics:

The only solution is to refuse to apologize to professional victims, ever. Even if they're right. I can't think of another way to cut off their food supply.

Sounds like a plan!

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CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Cowardly little puke, isn't he? (Whether this refers to your anonymous correspondent or to Imus is almost irrelevant.)

Anonymous Remailer -- I refuse to dignify him with "Mr. (Austria)" -- seems to have something slightly beyond mere anger management issues.

He seems to have keeps-escaping-from-his-padded-room-and-using-the-asylum's-computers issues.

Feh. Imus should have apologized to Rutgers only, not Al "Tawana" Sharpton.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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