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Freedom to Shut Up and Do As We Say

I was going to drop this subject, because I've said all I can think of to say and my head's getting a little bit sore from beating on a stone wall, but Ace of Spades found this interesting tidbit, about an instructor at a school in Boston apparently getting fired after daring to "re-enact" (the article's words) the Virginia Tech massacre to show how the killer could have been stopped. There's not a whole lot of information in the article, and there might be more to this than a simple, typical example of academic PC bullshit. Or it could be that, as someone who held "pro-gun" views in bluer-than-blue Boston, this teacher was on the radar of his college's academic board for a long time, and they finally found an excuse to get rid of him. You know, in the name of the V-Tech dead.

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