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Oh great. It's that time o' the month, and my brain has been temporarily been replaced by a box full of bees, or washers, or something that rattles and can't stay still for a moment. I can't even concentrate on blogs -- that's how short my attention span i

You know, speaking of aches and pains, I was just exhausted yesterday, so bone-tired that I nearly left work early. But I was too tired to actually get up and leave until I had to. I thought I was coming down with something, but maybe it was just PMS. By the time I got home I just cra

Squeaky the Ancient Cat has taken to sleeping on the surge protector. I move her off, she goes back and puts her butt right on it. I guess it gives off comforting warmth. I don't want her to set herself on fire (or me), so I am thinking of putting the heating pad down and seeing if she'll move. Then again, I have cramps so

Among the things I am selling is my television. I don't watch it, and the Netflix account is taking about $19.00 I can use every month to buy the cat's medicine (which costs about the same). I am going through my books because I'm going to sell some off too, and good grief I have a lot of books. I need to actually finish reading some of them. That's assuming I am ever able to sit still or hold a thought in my head for more than five sec

I had the interview with the manager of the closing department today. She likes me, though she is supposed to be "difficult" to work for. Well, she can't be any worse than the big loud mortgage guy who was my boss for over ten years in Miami, who was a Jew from the Bronx who had done all kinds of crazy things in his life, had an attractive wife, a good-looking son, three parrots, liked to wear gold jewelry, and when he retired bought a motorcycle. He was one wild and crazy

I go to Mark Shea's blog on the recommendation of Kathy Shaidle, but it's a Blogspot blog with wonky links, so you go there at your own risk. You may find something funny and spot-on, or you may find yourself confronted with Evil Mark, rabid Bush-hater who never met a Guantanamo-torture-horror story he didn't like. And then there's sniffy, superior, "sin makes you stupid" Mark, who somehow manages to make it through this vale of sinners despite the handicap of a giant plank in his eye.

Oh, and I am beginning to think I was an idiot for asking for donations during tax month (as I stare at the unfilled-out EZ Form and check -- yes, I owe, though at least it's not that much), but there, I still have to move on the 4th, even if I live on stone soup and boiled beetles for a couple of weeks. At least the insect life is plentiful down here.

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Annalucia [TypeKey Profile Page]:

My cat liked to sleep on the surge protector too. I distracted him awhile by leaving the heating pad plugged in in the spare bedroom and he took to sleeping on that, even when it was turned off. In the meantime he seems to have forgotten about the surge protector.

Reading Mark Shea for his ``funny and spot-on'' comments is like dissecting a pile of horse apples in search of undigested oats. You may find a couple, but is it really worth all the crap you have to dig through?

Sorry about your cramps; hope you feel better.

Mark Shea's blog is one of those where I have given up reading the comments section altogether. Most of his commenters are idiots and reading their drivel makes me want to throw things. I can barely tolerate Shea himself. Even when he's right, he's so damned smug about it. And when he gets on one for his hobby-horses (torcha!, Bushhitler, "the GOP ain't pure enough for me") I immediately skip to the next post. Or stop reading altogether.

Erm...that should be "gets on one of his hobby-horses". Why can't I keep my prepositions straight, lately?

Annalucia [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Susan, I gave up on Shea months ago - absolutely not worth it. There are plenty of good Catholic bloggers out there (Jimmy Akin and Amy Welborn, to name two) - and even if their commenters are sometimes crazy, they themselves are not. Whereas Shea is heading straight for Pat Buchanan/Joe Sobran territory, and you *really* don't want to follow him there.


I've noticed him heading into that territory myself. His comboxes are already crawling with borderline anti-Semites. I like Jimmy Akin's blog quite a bit. He's a much more affable and humble fellow than Shea is. For a Lutheran, I sure do seem to hang out at a lot of Catholic blogs. But I think (conservative) Lutherans have a lot more in common with Catholics than they do with mainstream Evangelicals.

I don't necessarily demand humility from the people I read on the internet, but I do ask that they don't try my patience.

Thanks for the Shea comment. He's a pill.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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