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You came and broke my pretty balloon

Ooh. Emily and Marc are both going to love this:

Tired of abuse by mankind, the earth is angry. Worse, the planet is out to even the score.

Audiences can expect a story along those lines when M. Night Shyamalan’s film “The Happening” reaches screens in the next year. The project, to which 20th Century Fox signed on last week, imagines a planet that is starting to act like the vigilante Travis Bickle from “Taxi Driver."

The sequel: "Tired of having crap movies broadcast into it, the void of space fights back. Space may really be the final frontier!"

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[Xenu forgive me]

Hey life, look at me
I can see the reality
'Cause when you shook me, took me, outta my world
I woke up
Suddenly I just woke up to the happening

If I weren't so damned tired, I'd do a righteous parody.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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