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Workin' in a coal mine

So I clicked on this link to an article about working from home that I got in my Monster.com email newsletter and wouldn't you know, it's focused on stay-at-home mothers. (NOT "MOMS" fortheloveofchrist...)

Dear employer community: not all single women need to leave their homes every day to enter the corporate cave so they can find a MAN or just not have to face the aching void of ALONENESS that single women are supposed to inhabit. I for one am sick of hauling myself out of bed at an ungodly hour so I can spend half my day interacting with my fellow human beings. I think I would hate the human race that much less if I didn't have to see so frickin' many of them day in and day out -- no wait, the same ones day in and day out, sprinkled with a random sampling of loser bums that ride the bus all day.

I would say more, but as I unwisely post under my own name (though I doubt any of my coworkers have any idea how to look up a person on the internet, or even how to get on the internet -- some of them still act as if the mouse in their hand will explode if they move it too fast) I will refrain and just sit here seething until I am crushed under the mountain of debt that forces me to have to have a day job.

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cardeblu [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I've been working at home for the past 15 years or so as a medical transcriptionist, having worked in hospitals and an in-office service for about 10 years before that. I wouldn't have it any other way, although for those MTs just starting out I do recommend some in-house work (hospital or office) at first.

I've long held that there are 3 P's of working in an office: office politics, office personalities, and office parties. Guess which one I sort of miss?

Also, the usual work attire for at-home MTs is quite casual to say the least. Usually sweats or jeans and sweaters in the winter, shorts and T's in the summer. I haven't worn pantyhose in I don't know how long...

As far as the ad being geared towards moms, the ones they have for becoming MTs and working at home always show the children playing quietly at her feet. HA! My daughter was 6 when I started working at home (being in daycare when I worked in the hospital), so it definitely wasn't for her benefit that I did so since she wasn't going to be there all day while at school.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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