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Piggy in the mirror

Dear Lady who came in the bathroom at the Michaels store while I was in the midst of relieving myself: I really don't care to have your husband (or whoever it was you were calling "honey" on your Very Important Cell Phone Call) hear me piss.

Next time someone does that (it will be tomorrow, I am sure) I must remind myself to cut a real loud one, and then announce very loudly "Oh, sorry, I'm taking a HUGE dump and I always FART when I do!"

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That's why God invented the HERF gun:


I'd build a dozen of them for use on cell phone owners if only I didn't have this damned pacemaker.

Why not "I'm sorry, lady, but that will cost you a lot more than $20, especially since it's already a threesome" ?

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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