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Mean Girls

AIM.org are a bunch of sissies. I mean really. I'm not all that interested in Ann Coulter -- why eat junk food when gourmet is just as available, and so much better for both brain and soul? -- but the current hissy fit over her latest dud-bomb (Oooh, she called John Edwards the f-word!!! -- er, actually, not quite, though she does deserve to be slapped for heaping more evidence on the table that conservatives couldn't be witty if their lives depended on it) just reeks of "Please, please Mr. and Ms. Liberal Cool Person, don't hate me, don't shut me out of your fun parties!"

Full disclosure: I believe that to be conservative is to willingly give up more than a few of what the Western world considers great and wonderful things. You must give up the licentious lifestyle that the liberal entertainment culture pushes on us 24/7. You must give up the idea that people are really good at heart and that it's only amorphous and ever-changing "outside forces" (society, the Patriarchy™, capitalism, global warming) making people behave badly. You must not party like it's 1999. You must give up the idea of being "cool" -- fashion is the opposite of tradition. And you must behave like a grown-up, not like a perpetual adolescent. But that also means acting like a grownup when those on our side backslide, not like pouty teens afraid that the goofy one in their bunch is going to spoil their clique's chances of getting the popular girls to invite them to the keg party after the prom.

(Via Kathy Shaidle.)

Update: a couple more opinions for your reading pleasure.

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Matt [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Gee, two links in as many days. Does this mean my absence has been forgiven?

Gag. Me. The sheer outpouring of PC handwringing and faux rage is cringingly, mind-numbingly awful. And. It hasn't changed my mind about Ann at all: she's - without apology - ragingly funny.

But the real irony - lost within irony - was the kettle calling the pot black at Ace. Ace!

I'm finally to the point where both sides bore me to tears: blindness knows no political boundaries.

Any minute now I expect the pre-teeners to start throwing out accusations of crones causing the milch cows to dry up ...heaven help us all.

They're all into political power and having conniptions at the idea of a Democrat being elected president again. Of course, that would suck, but on the other hand, misanthropes like me will be guaranteed years of primo entertainment. (From both sides.)

Actually, I think it would have been funnier and more accurate to call Edwards a "pussy".

I agree that all this hand-wringing has been a bit much. The joke seemed to be mainly about the utter absurdity of sending someone to "rehab" for using bad words.

Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

As Taranto says at OpinionJournal, now we can see what a real botched joke looks like. Yeah, I think it was reprehensible, and I'm happy to see people deplore it, but it's a bit much coming from the shrill Marcotte and Kerry defenders.

Besides, had she called Edwards a "wienie" or such, it would have left the attention focused on the Silky Pony. He's a preach and a scold and a bore and a pompous ass, and anything that distracts from considering these salient points and laughing at the Breck Boy is counterproductive. So nice one, Coulter, you blew a terrific opportunity in your constant quest to grab the spotlight.

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