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Joe Arpaio for president

Is this guy for real? Because he rocks. I can think of a number of offices he should be in besides sheriff, starting -- or ending -- with the one in the title of this post.

On a side note, I think the reason so many softheaded liberals are up in arms (so to speak) about Gitmo is because it's run like a real prison, not a maximum security Hilton with free cable and gyms and other crap law-abiding people have to pay for or go without.

(Via Tom McMahon.)

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I was attending a 12 step meeting at a prison here in Canada where I ran afoul of inmate sensitivities by being too blunt. One inmate was wearing a T-shirt that said "Prison Justice Day".

"Nice shirt."


"So what are you in here for?"

"Armed robbery."

"Did you do it?"


"Did you do what you're in here for."

"Yeah, I guess."

"You guess? You're not sure?"

"Yeah, I did it."

"There's your prison justice."

...didn't make me too popular with most of the crowd there. Of course, most of 'em were just there to look better in front of the parole board.

Oh he's real; you'll hear about him once in a while, whenever he does some new stunt - lately he's been making news for his "Inmate Idle" contests at his jail:


He's been popping in and out of the news since around the mid 90s, when he first made a press release about his tent city prison and how he makes the prisoners wear pink underwear.

A lot of what he does makes sense (getting porn and cable TV delivered to your cell is pretty low on the constitutional scale, methinks), but I got tired of the hero-worship and think he's a crude attention whore - that he pipes Newt Gringrich lectures into the jail's audio system is probably more for our consumption than for the inmates. But to each his own.


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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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