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Cat update

Well, the cat is back. She's got a urinary tract infection, so I now have to give her antibiotic drops twice a day. (It's the same pink stuff, amoxicillin, they gave us all when we were kids.) She's going to be thrilled. She yowled all the way back from the vet, a short trip across the street made much longer by the INSANE drivers here -- pedestrians have the right to be run over if they can't sprint out of the way of the *important* person driving the Lexus have the very *important* cell phone conversation that can't stop for mundane things like paying attention to the short fat lady struggling to carry a case full of agitated, bouncing cat. And sloshing -- her plumbing is already working again. So not only was she upset at the trip and the poking and the strange place and the shots, but she was sitting in pee. Fortunately the case is plastic and has no openings on the bottom so at least it didn't drip all over me. Much.

Catblogging must -- some pictures after the break:

Enemies brought together by a mutual fear -- of the dreaded VACUUM MONSTER:


Squeaks herself, with bonus human toes:

(the last one links to a much larger original -- I forgot to shrink it)

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prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

This may sound dumb...I'm so damn happy she's gonna be ok, my eyes almost leaked. BEAUTIFUL kitties, Andrea. But you probably knew that...

The vet said she is also getting kidney failure, but clearing up the infection will help stave that off, and I am again going to try her on the special good-for-the-kidneys (and other parts) food they have. I used to give it to her but she quit eating it one day (she is very finicky), but she likes to change food every now and then, so we will see. Right now she is sleeping under the table near my feet (her new place for the past few nights) and Xena (the orange cat) is wandering around; she's probably pissed because that old growling cat is back!

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I had masses of cat hair last summer, took my neighbor's advice & switched from cheap wet & dry food to dry food only that costs more but is much better for them. Thankfully, I have lifetime Commissary priveleges across the street at NAS Jax, so it's not as bad as it would be if I had to buy it at WinnDixie. Come to find out, it's worth it in the clean-up department - only regular seasonal shedding now. They all worry so much about another cat getting their food that none of 'em turn up their little noses.

If business improves, I'll donate to your cause.

I would give her dry food, and she will eat it sometimes, but she seems to have a bit of trouble chewing it -- old teeth, and so on. My younger cat only eats dry food.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

The Queen is missing a canine (ha!) tooth - and getting to be a Senior - so that's going to come up for me, too, I suppose. SO far, we're ok. The Baby is only 5, the toms & the Ghost eat anything that doesn't eat them, I think, being mostly outdoor types.
Sinus headache's back, so I'm off to bed. Thanks for the talk.

Urgh, sinus headaches, we hates them! Feel better!

I still need to take my cat to get his shots...he's way overdue. I have to sedate him to take him to the vet and I already got the pill from them. (Yes, he's that bad -- the last two times I took him to the vet non-sedated, he crapped all over the examination table. And even sedated, he still managed to scratch the vet's hand up pretty good.) Squeaks is cute...I hope she starts feeling better soon. :-)

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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