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A little more perspective now

Okay, I am attempting to remove my head from the smelly place it's been in. I had some food, took an Alka-Seltzer Cold Plus, etc. Nothing is more tiresome than a self-pity attack.

One more thing: I'd like to thank all of you for your generous donations! Of money and kind comments.

Okay, now a nice, calming bath.

Update: aaarrggghhhh!!! Is there any good blogging software that isn't built by softheaded newagey lefty-progressive geeks? I was actually going to take a shower, not a bath, but baths use up more water, so... Death to Gaia!

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Oh yeah, the Trotts are bigtime lefties -- I remembered they were big Howard Dean supporters. Which is why I'm glad I can still get by with using Movable Type after paying nothing more than the $20 I donated years ago when I first started using it.

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I try not to let my opinion of an artisan's politics interfere with my opinion of an artisan's works.

Then again, I probably have to say that, having forked over $94 to Ben and Mena in the past five years.

I have managed to not pay anything for this program, always getting in under the "we've decided to release it for free" wire. So what if I don't have support. If it breaks I'll just go back to Wordpress, she said with a hollow laugh.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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