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You fear the lesson

I have just one thing to say to the revival (or continuance -- this is an old canard going back to before the Cold War) of the idea that the desire to fight the current crop of totalitarians' attempt to take over the world, which is dumped under the convenient heading "being conservative," is based on "fear": just go up to one of these "fearless" and "open-minded" liberal/progressives who are so sure that "incidents" like the World Trade Center attack are nothing to worry about and that Islamic jihadist terrorists would only be our fwiends if we could figure out the right way to hug them, and whisper this in their ear:

"global warming."

Then sit back and enjoy a few hours of that old-time "OMG we're all gonna die!" gospel.

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Update: I rest my case.

Second update: url to the post on Kesher Talk changed.

Third update: and changed back. What the hell? I did have it right the first time!

Okay, this is the last thing I'll add to this post I promise update: oh my God! Here it comes!

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Indeed, they fear an unproven theory more than they fear things that actually happen and actually do kill people. Let me think of more examples of lefty fearmongering:

* Gun ownership -- rather than looking at all the cases where people successfully defend themselves with guns, they point to accidents caused by carelessness or poor supervision to make the case that guns should be banned.

* Dubious statistics -- remember in the 1980s when the feminists were saying, "1 in 4 women WILL be RAPED in their lifetimes!"

I'm sure there are more examples...

Then when it comes to implying that a legitimate fear is irrational, here's another example:

* Coddling criminals -- in direct conflict with the latter example of scarmongering (and concurrence with the former one), liberals have a tendency to believe that actually wanting to get dangerous criminals off the street or defend yourself from criminals is a sign of irrational fear of your fellow man.

Psychology Today? Yeah, I'll be sure to check it out. Right after I take up reading Rolling Stone.

Seriously, does anybody over 20 read that magazine? I honestly thought that teenage girls were their target demographic. (At least, that's the last age I can remember anyone of my acquaintance reading one.)

I think it's because most liberals cannot envision doing anything risky or sacrificial except when motivated by abject fear.

Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Wrong, AOG, they wouldn't consider doing anything risky or sacrificial even then. Rolling over, being accomodating, making deals, granting concessions, that's their style. They'd sell the rest of us out in a heartbeat trying to save their own skins. They'd point out the homes of everyone they knew who might be a gun owner, or looked Jewish, or was a vet or cop, or had a Bush sticker on the car. They'd be grabbing the table linens to wrap their wives and daughters in while shouting "Allah akbar!"

And if it came to it, they'd hand their oppressors rocks to stone those wives and daughters.

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