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Yes, but that's not the point

Kathy Shaidle thinks Dinesh D'Souza may be "on to something" when he criticizes Western liberal culture for being decadent and therefore being the cause of Muslim hatred of the West. She focuses on the decadent-liberal-culture part, and I have no quarrel with that, having fulminated against the Slutting of the West in my blogs for some time now. But I think she's wrong this time about why "conservative bloggers" (many of whom can better be described as "economically and socially libertarian non-pacifist bloggers") are so angry at D'Souza. I don't read a whole lot of blogs these days, so I may have missed the "conservatives" fuming at D'Souza for trashing Hollywood. Most of the blogs I've read are pissed off not because D'Souza is such a priss and is frowning at their fun boobies-'n'-beer lifestyle, but because (apparently -- I haven't read the book and am depending upon reviews, of course a biased source) he claims that all we have to do is put our clothes back on and go back to church and the fanatical jihadists will leave us alone.

See, I find this unlikely to have much of an effect, to say the least. Muslims, as has been repeated ad nauseum everywhere, had no trouble attacking pious Christian and Jewish communities back in the day, and the sight of Orthodox Jews -- whose lifestyles are barely distinguishable from the average devout Muslim, except for the number of wives per male -- davening at the Wailing Wall isn't known for causing warm approval in Muslim hearts. Middle Eastern Christians are possibly more overtly devout than Western ones, but they don't seem to get a special pass when Muslim terrorists are in a killing mood.

And so on. I do agree that the people who want to thrust our freewheeling, barely clothed way of partying on a world that isn't interested in it is a mistake; for example, all those "and now all the women will wear bikinis instead of burkhas" celebratory declamations on blogs after we took down the Taliban just made me cringe in embarrassment. On a side note, fascinating as it was, I didn't approve of the way National Geographic hunted down that woman whose adolescent photograph had appeared on their magazine years ago. Yes, I was relieved to learn she was still alive and as safe as anyone living in Afghanistan could be. But it was the occasion for too many of my fellow citizens to cry over her -- look, she's so work-worn! She has to wear a burka! Why is she so old-fashioned? (She spoke favorably of the restrictive rules that governed her life -- people in the West can't understand how such rules can be safeguards in a culture like hers.) And so on... all of which ended up sounding very patronizing.

And so on. But D'Souza's mistake comes down to ignoratio elenchi -- "irrelevant conclusion." Yes, Western culture has become decadent, flabby, and definitely in need of a severe overhaul. No, doing so won't stop Muslim fanatics from wanting to convert, subjugate, or kill the infidels everywhere. Cleaning ourselves up will benefit us spiritually and morally, but we'll still have the enemy to contend with. By the way, it is useful to note that apparently being a Muslim doesn't mean you don't get to have all sorts of decadent fun, as long as you don't get caught.

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It's the daft leaps of logic that are starting to make me wonder about some anti-lefty pundits. If I come across one more conservatard trotting out the "if you don't like Bratz dolls and pudenda-flashing then surely you must be a big admirer of the 'family-values' of the niqab-set" line...

Has somebody been putting stupid pills in the water? Hey, I bet both I and say, Robert Mugabe like chocolate ice cream and dislike the notion of eating shit - hey, shared values, people! Ya know, I wasn't surprised or disturbed to see lefty lackwits leaping to the defense of, e.g., a barbarian like Sheik Cat-Meat. It's what they do. What did creep me out was coming across seemingly civilized people who, in the most charitable evaluation, appeared to be suffering from some sort of brain-damage that prevented them from discerning that "Cat Meat is a misogynist animal" and "Paris Hilton is trashy" are not contradictory statements, and that not only can one can hold both without inconsistency, one can maintain that Paris Hilton is trashy without cutting any slack whatsoever to barbarism.

Feh. Enemies to the left of me, enemies to the right of me.

N.B. - Not suggesting here that La Shaidle is guilty of these leaps of logic here. Just doin' a free-from rant. She's quite correct about the inability of some to call a spade a spade when it comes to pop culture.

Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I've made this point before, but the Islamists hate Ann Coulter just as much as they hate Britney Spears (probably more because Coulter is educated and articulate, a sure wienie shrinker for a devout Muslim man). The Islamists hate us for the same things the moonbattiest lefties love, the whole free wheeling society. As much as the lefties claim Dubya is the New Hitler, they know damn well that he's not going to round them up in camps however much stupid vitriol they spew. The Islamists however, would whack their heads off as fast as they could unsheath the scimitar.

Jeez, I hate those Kuntz dolls and the whole whore marketing image young girls are exposed too, and I hate the whole thug gangsta bullshit image marketed to young boys, but I can't really believe they are going to destroy civilization - just make it markedly less civil.

One thing is for sure - if the Islamists had their way they'd ban nearly all of popular culture, and I hope nobody would be surprised to find that the result does not really look like some Southern Baptist's idea of an ideal society. The shrieking lefties seeing totalitarianism around every corner have no idea how ugly society under the Jihadis would be. Not even the abolition of American Idol would make it worth while.

I've noticed the stupid quotient has gone up lately. I think everyone is just punch-drunk from all the blog fights and the anxiety (most of it over things bloggers can't control -- I can't make Bush do anything, I can't make Iraqis behave, I can't control battles from afar, etc.) and what everyone probably needs is to sit back and chill.

Sigivald [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I don't know, Steve - it sure seems like at least some few on the Left really do think that Bush is just itchin' to round up everyone and throw them in the Gulag, to be stopped at the last minute only by daring exploits of brave Democrats.

(More, of course, are willing to throw such words around, knowing they're not actually true. But they "represent a deeper truth" or something.)

(It's an incredibly stupid thing to believe, but I've long given up being seriously shocked by people believing incredibly stupid things.)

And don't forget that while Islamists hate us for our libertine freedoms and degeneracy, they also hate us for having political power over Muslims while not being Muslim.

And for being the most powerful and successful nation on Earth wile not being Muslim.

Lots and lots of reasons for The Hate.

werner [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Al Qaeda´s intellectual godfather Sayyid Qutb famously discovered his hate of the decadent libertine west when he visited the US in stuffy & repressed 1948.

Quote on Wikipedia: "Jazz is his preferred music, and it is created by Negroes to satisfy their love of noise and to whet their sexual desires ..."

If it isn´t rap, it´s jazz. If it isn´t jazz, it´s a waltzer by Johann Strauss. Perhaps the man needed a psychiatrist.

Anyway, even without carrying any diseases Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky do far more damage than Paris Hilton. But they all weren´t there in 1948.

Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Oh, and the linked story about the guy sexually abusing his maid? That's old hat in Arabia. In the UAE there is always a case or two pending of a maid (nearly always a Filipina) accusing her employer of raping her, or of a maid (again, invariably Filipina) getting all dead and everything from blunt object trauma, combined with trauma to the sexy bits. The less dead maids almost always get deported, which is considerably better than dead, and even better than getting raped some more, but not quite as good as getting justice. Women are chattels, and Western women are even less than that.

Which is why Western feminists and other liberals are so up in arms against the Muslim world's treatment of women and non Muslims.

Heh heh. Sometimes my dry subtle wit cracks me up.

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