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Oh good, Tex is back posting and is as evil as ever. He's moved, an experience I will be having later this year, and he's got a cat. Bwah, he's been assimilated!

Back to my part of the world. Speaking of moving, yesterday I went on an expedition. As some of you may remember from me mentioning it here or on last year's blog before, I am looking to move to an apartment more convenient to my job -- in other words, either within walking distance or at least not so far by bus as it is now. True, I am getting rides from coworkers most of the time but I can't always rely on that -- they aren't my chauffeurs, and have their own lives. I will get back to driving someday, but circumstances and my own inertia are pushing that "someday" farther and farther into the future.

So I have a list of apartment complexes narrowed down to those in my price range and closeness to the job. One in particular caught my eye in that it looked both affordable and within walking distance. (There are other apartment complexes even closer, but they come under the heading "luxury" and are therefore not within my price range.) Yesterday I took the bus to the neighborhood of my office, and from there I walked along the route I'd mapped out. Sure enough, it was in a reasonable walking distance -- about a half-hour's walk would get me to and from work. The neighborhood itself is just past the boundary of all the new luxe condos and so on surrounding my office, and is somewhat seedy, but not too bad. It's like my life, just over the border of respectability. The apartment grounds themselves looked well-maintained and kept up, and the girl at the office (the doors were wide open, probably to take advantage of the gorgeous weather that day, and also were a reassuring indication that home-invasion-type robberies and other thuggery aren't much of a problem in that area -- always something I have to be careful for considering how much I am willing to spend on rent) was pleasant. They didn't have anything coming up until March or April, but my lease isn't up until September anyway so I didn't mind. I went ahead and put myself on a waiting list.

So that was my exciting life. Today I've been sitting around with cramps and so on, just resting, something I haven't done in ages it seems. The weather is warmer than yesterday but still nice, and things are comatose around here for a change. (There were kids playing outside but for a change they weren't screaming their heads off.) The cats are peaceful -- there was one session of staring and hissing, and then the older cat just sort of shrugged and turned her back in an "I'm too old for this shit" way. I basically posted this to let everyone know I am still alive. Nothing is getting my goat today, not even reading about smug bastards who in order to protect their beloved "environment" want to make it even harder for people to get around. They seem to want to turn the entire planet into some sort of untouchable botanical garden, and as well seem to think the human race can feed itself on what each family can grow in a box on the windowsill. Of course people lap this stuff up like soda; it's fast-food thinking.

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Jeffro [TypeKey Profile Page]:

"seem to think the human race can feed itself on what each family can grow in a box on the windowsill."

Yep, and a decorative windmill can provide more than enough power to run the house - and if it isn't enough, a tiny solar panel will fix it.

Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

The most comforting thought regarding these hippy dippy "nobility of crushing disease ridden abject poverty" clowns is the certain knowledge that if their deranged fantasies ever came to pass and civilization did the big crash, they wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of surviving.

If I could get to them quickly enough I'd feed them to my dogs, but I suspect the mutant biker gangs would be wearing their skins before I made it over.

They seem to want to turn the entire planet into some sort of untouchable botanical garden
Which makes their lack of support for a very active space program bizarre. I am very much in favor of making Earth a park by moving all of the heavy industry in to orbit.
Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

No, it's not at all illogical AOG - you can't have a space program without technology, which is inherently evil whatever you do with it. If it were possible to build space ships from macrame and fuel them with granola they'd be all over it, but it takes all that yucky science stuff.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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