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His complexion is perfect gallows

Please read this about the distressed moans concering the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Sample:

They think that he should have been tried, over and over again, by an "international court" where countless lawyers could spend their careers defending him and he would die of old age before any sentence could be decided. One reason they're upset is that the Iraqi government cut short a gravy train that a lot of "human rights" lawyers were planning to ride for many years.

One more thing and then I must go to bed: all this fuss over the way he was executed -- hanging -- how it is supposedly a "barbaric" way to execute someone and how it made some people "uncomfortable." As if the electric chair or death by firing squad is a prettier way to go! Sometimes I wonder if people really think about what they are saying.

Barely-Related Addenda: here's an old article on British firm that made the ropes that hung murderers and Nazi war criminals.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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