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Everybody wants one

I haven't had anything to say about a number of blogworld hot items. One such is the Duke "rape" case. Now I will: I guess that there is now an equivalent to that driving-while-black scenario -- call it "partying while white." Because you know, of course, that one touch of the demon liquor (and the sight of a stripper-of-color) turns those wimpy white boys into sex-crazed Viking hordes.

That being said, maybe from now on college partiers will refrain from hiring strippers. It's not "fun" or cute or boys just being boys -- it's sleazy and rather sad, and no, you are not in fact as cool as Otter and Bluto. While injustice has definitely been done (especially to the one accused who wasn't even there), I can't help thinking that if drunken revelry hadn't become a necessary part of college life in the minds of Americans this wouldn't have happened.

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I think the drunken revelry was inevitable, as it has been a feature of every "first time away from home" experience for men since the dawn of history.

Women go to college too, Old Guy.

In any case, I am not against drunken revelry per se -- I am just saying it seems to have gone into overdrive in the current modern American college experience.

This is of course a general complaint that goes beyond the Duke case. And then there is the whole strippers thing, which is a whole other problem.

And yes, I realize that sex has also "been a feature" of men going away from home for the first time since forever -- my father claimed he was thrown out of the University of Chicago back in the forties for "shacking up" with a girl -- but at least he was thrown out. This sort of punitive action, long since discontinued in favor of "non-judgmentalism" and "freedom," at least indicated that universities once believed that their students had a duty to concentrate on study, not 24/7 pleasure seeking.

Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

The worst thing about this kind of thing is it swings back and forth - for years the drunken parties with strippers are the cool way to do it, and then there's an incident, and some poor schmucks are hanging out exposed.

Not that people shouldn't have some awareness that it isn't really cool, but common practice goes a long way towards explaining why nobody gives a rip until there's an incident.

And then, of course, there are always vultures ready to leap into the fray and rend flesh, all the while primping and preening, displaying their extraordinary superiority to everyone else. The Gang of 88 professors springs readily to mind with their self serving censurious posturing worthy of Mao's Cultural Revolution, as of course does the cynical and manipulative Nifong. At least Nifong stands a good chance of being disbarred, but I'd rather see him defending himself in court, desperately trying to avoid prison.

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